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  • Manvi was very helpful. Thank you for the best services you rendered. You were there whenever we needed you. Thanks for working so hard to put us on the cruise. We had a great time. Thank you for everything.
  • Booked trip to Peru. Iterirnary was well planned taking into account our requirements. Smooth execution of the plan with no hiccups. Executives were always active and available (responds to ping almost instantly.) Special thanks to Executive Sahiba for helping us get the visa on time, she made it h... Read More
  • All my queries were very efficiently handled by Harleen at Trip Tap Toe. Overall, a well organised trip and smooth handling of the entire process.
  • Very good and wonderful experience, we have been to Kerala trip. It was so beautifully planned with no hiccups during the trip. Complete 8 days went in a flow. Amazing planners, highly recommended. Go ahead if you are planning any trip globally.

About Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are sparkling jewels in the middle of an endless ocean of blue. An all time serene and exotic escape from the concrete madness, it is a place for every kind of traveller that will certainly fill you loads of enthralling visions and wild moments leave you enraptured for long.

Be its mysterious turquoise waters, the glorious flora and fauna or its intriguing history, Andaman can easily keep you mesmerized during your entire stay. The best time to book Andaman Holiday Packages is during October to March. The weather during the time is mildly pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. Going later than March could ruin your tour as it rains heavy during summers and monsoons in the islands.

So, let’s check out what Andaman Holiday Packages Can Offer You In A Nutshell:

Your things to  do will not end when the wanderlust in you meet the blue skies, powdery white beaches and the turquoise waters. You will need at least a week to 10 days to enjoy to the fullest in the Andamans.

Read about Water Sports in Andaman You Shouldn’t Miss.

Scuba Diving: We start with the most famous activity that you will get in all Andaman Holiday Packages, i.e. Scuba diving. Andamans is of course a scuba diver’s paradise with such bountiful of marine life that it has been treasuring thousands of years. Havelock and Neil Islands are some of the famous spots for scuba diving.

Snorkelling: This is for those who fear to dive deep and yet wish to swim with the fishes. Its easier and a cheaper option as well. You can snorkel with the fishes and enjoy watching variety of plant species in the crystal clear waters of Andaman. The most famous spots for snorkeling include Red Skin Island, Radhanagar beach, Neil island and many more.

Kayaking: Kayaking is one of the most soothing activities that you can go for , that too in the midst of lushgreen mangroves and birds singing you for from behind the trees. The Andamans comprises of India’s 1/5th of total mangroves giving you ample amount of time to interact with nature as you sway along the greenery.

Sea Walking: One of the newest additions in Andaman Holiday Packages, sea walking for non jumpers and divers who wish to witness the sublime marine existence of brilliant fauna, plant species, vibrant corals and endless variegated fish species in their most natural habitat. Experts join you along the Marine seawalk to keep you safe and secure.

Visit The Volcano: A must inclusion in Andaman Holiday Packages is this volcano on the Barren island. One of the few living volcanoes on earth,this one is a once in a lifetime experience you wouldn’t want to miss. It last erupted in 2010 and lasted until 4 months.

Parasailing: One of the favorite sports in Andamans, parasailing is a must for adventure seekers. With a perfect mix of water and airborne fun, you will be dragged by the wind with a designed canopy that will let you fly high up in the air for 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t miss this!

Island trekking: One of the most anticipated adventures in the islands, stay in camps to admire the sunrise, endless ocean and verdure around you. Go explore the nature trail from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban and you get to see the uncommon woods life and understand the language of the wild Although there are numerous trekking routes that can last from days up till weeks.

Island hopping: Though only 36 islands are habitable out of 572 islands, it doesn’t snatch the opportunity of island hopping from its visitors, because every island has something to offer. Begin right from Port Blair, the capital of these islands. From there, take the government ferries to travel to various islands. Do not miss Neil Island, Cinque island, Ross island and Havelock Island that’s famous for water sports activities.

The Cellular Jail: Ofcourse one of the most popular attractions of these islands, include this in your Andaman Holiday Packages to get a first hand account of the tales of horror that the freedom fighters had gone through as you delve deep into the story of Independence. It is also decorated with numerous paintings highlighting the history of the jail.

Limestone caves: If you have the time, do take the chance to visit the limestone caves in Baratang island. The journey itself is so beautiful and thrilling through the Jarwa-inhabited jungles that you will definitely get goosebumps.s A 3 hour drive you will take you to a speedboat that lasts for another 30 minutes and then you need to walk for around 1.5 kms to finally reach the cave.

Although they are plenty more to see and explore, do include the above on your Andaman Holiday Packages.

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