8 Travel Tattoos for the Traveler in you !!

Sailors, Pilots and others



The people who are crazy about the journeys especially sea travel must get a tattoo of a sailor’s choice. Now there are a large variants for the pirates and pilots to get inked. Sailing, flying, or road trips, choose the one which looks the best on you and go for it pal…


World Tour




Around the World in 60 Days !! The people who not only want to go to a particular destination but explore the entire globe could get this world inspired tattoos. Go and get these travel tattoos now and flaunt them…


Wanderlust Freaks




We all are filled with wanderlust somewhere deep down just waiting to come out and bring out the best in us. This is the most common among the travel tattoos but you can always personalise it and make it unique in your own way…




This is a very rare choice when it comes to getting travel tattoos. Although people who want to always remember an event in  their life or some place they could never forget, they get the coordinates inked which is a combination of latitude and longitude. A landscape, a hotel, your childhood home, a memorable trip, it could be coordinates to anything personal.





Getting a map done is common among travel tattoos but it can vary from person to person as tattoos can always be personalized. You can get the map of a country, continent or maybe the entire world inked on you can mark the places you want to go or something.






This type of travel tattoos are seen on people who are keen on remembering a particular landmark they visited or wish to visit. It could be anything like the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, Route 66, Great Wall of China or any other destination of your dreams.


Travel Quotes



I am sure we all have that one quote that inspires us to go in life. Get those travel quotes inked on your skin and live them everyday. Let the words bring your soul to life whenever you see yourself and the tattoo in the mirror.





This is again a common tattoo among the travel freaks who wish to explore all corners of the world. From a simple design to a complex one, compass can be inked in various styles and you can also pair it up with world map in the background. Way to go you traveler !!


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