Northern lights

5 Best Places to See the Northern Lights This Year

How is it possible to travel around the world without seeing the enormous Northern lights! No good travelers can imagine that. The jaw-dropping light show of nature is an unmissable thing to see in your lifetime.

Svalbard, Norway

Northern lights

Svalbard is the furthest you can go in the north. The island is in the Arctic circle and the higher the latitude, the more clearly you will be able to enjoy the Aurora or the northern lights. They are best viewed between the months November and January when their magic is to beautiful.

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Scotland, United Kingdom

Northern lights

Traveling far won’t be an issue to view the Northern Lights while you are in Scotland. This year, the coast of Caithness was a really great place to see the Aurora Boraelis. Scotland has a few good places where you can have a dark sky and enjoy the Aurora activity.

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Jujjasjärvi, Sweden

Northern lights

Situated in the Kiruna region of Sweden, it is also home to the famous Icehotel. But there are a lot of other places to stay in Kiruna from where you can admire the northern lights. Apart from that you can also do a lot of winter activities like snowmobiling.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Northern lights

This is the most affordable and accessible place out of all if you wish to see the northern lights. But this place is also getting popular now. Besides the Aurora, there are a lot of other things like geysers, volcanoes and blue ice for the people who love exploring the nature. It is also becoming popular for being the location for Game of Thrones.

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Northern Canada

Northern lights

Canada will not be easily affordable as compared to other places on this list. The cover of the northern lights cover the major part of the country including Yukon, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, British Columbia etc. Apart from Aurora Oval, you can enjoy skiing and other sight seeing activities while your stay.

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