5 Interesting Things To Do In Bangalore

Bangalore is an appealing city located in India. While the country is full of unique features, this specific part houses lots of attractive sites. Mother Nature has provided lots of locations for you to visit. These sites are breath-taking and are an opportunity for you to undertake lots of activities.

When you visit Bangalore, the high chances are that you will get overwhelmed by the places to go. If you prefer riding a bike, you can partake in the following through proper planning, and without a doubt, you will have fun like never before.

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  1. Learn History At The Bull Temple-

    Bull Temple, BangaloreImage Credits- Vroom

    Each town, city, or country has some past that has made it what it is. Learning the information gives you a better perspective on approaching specific issues regarding religion and cultural values. The bull temple is one site in Bangalore with lots of information to offer strangers. It got built in the 16th
    century. Later on, there was a dedication ceremony for Nandi, the bull. The temple is such an appealing site considering its Dravidian Architectural style. It is stunning with breath-taking pieces that will catch your eye on the very first glimpse. From a distance, you will notice the idol of Nandi,
    carved out in granite. It is spectacular. There are people at the temple to answer any questions that you might have. A visit here is like a school trip; you can as well carry a book and pen.

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  2. Go To The KR Market

    K.R Market, BangaloreImage Credits- Whats Hot

    When visiting a new place, it is always courteous to learn more about what the residents do. If you rent a bike to visit different places in Bangalore, you can save a lot on transfer fees. Checkout various Bangalore two-wheeler rental companies online, so that you can get a good price. The first place that you should endeavor to see is the market. There, you will get to know more about what happens in their daily lives, the kind of food they eat, and a little bit about the economy. A visit to the KR market is an opportunity to get this information under one roof. The residents bring in their fresh produce every day from the farms. You will notice lots of spices, fruits, utensils, flowers and also fast-food stalls on the street. Street food in Bangalore is something that you might enjoy. It is because this food is fresh, and most of it comes straight from the market. If you trust in yourself, you can go exploring alone. Otherwise, some guidance from a tour guide can make it better.

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  3. Savor Nature

    views of Bangalore

    As much as the management in any city would want to embrace technology, mother nature will always provide the best sites. Another exciting activity that you can engage in while in Bangalore is taking in the breath-taking views. The excellent location to visit for this lies the Lilah Botanical garden. The ambiance here will give you a first-hand connection with mother earth. It has a variety of plants in numerous species. You will notice lots of flowers, some right in the act of blooming if you are lucky. The colors are excellent, making it appear like a picture from a distance. One notable feature of the garden is the 19th-century glasshouse constructed on London’s Crystal Palace. A famous location that you probably know. You can go to the park and view its pristine environment.

    At Cubbon Park, you will get treated to a fantastic provision. The site has trails for cyclists and joggers. It is conducive, and you will notice kids playing around or watching the fish have fun in the aquarium.

  4. Learn And Buy Art

    the Bangalore culture

    Well, art is a universal language spoken in various parts of the world. However, it all comes in unique ways depending on the part of the globe where you are. At Bangalore, there is so much to look at and also carry home. The artwork dates back as far as the eighteenth century to the current times.
    The best location to learn about this would be at the National Gallery of Modern Art. You will meet legendary artists from the region, for instance, Rabindranath Tagore and Raja Ravi Vermin. If you are lucky, you can catch some screenings of films. Before visiting, check on the programs before to ensure you maximize the day. You can also go to the Government museum. It was established in 1865 and had been standing strong since then. At this site, you will notice a showcase of unique archeological artifacts. If you’re interested in items like coins, paintings, and jewelry, it is the ideal place to go. Prepare yourself to walk for hours and learn.
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  5. Eat And Drink

    Local street food of BangaloreImage Credits- BP Guide India

    India is famously known as the grand country of spices. The availability of commodities consequently
    means there is a wide array of foods. The most common locations where you would want to check are the street food vendors. They are cheap and fresh. The vendors here make all types of snacks ranging from Bhajia, bath masala, and chaats. These are but the everyday items that you are likely to notice. Other high-end restaurants are offering exotic foods, depending on what you want. You can either walk-in or make reservations. However, you should note that chili is a commonly used spice in almost all foods and large amounts.

As seen above, Bangalore has so much to offer in terms of activities, if you rent a two-wheeler. These are open for both residents and even tourists. Before visiting, an itinerary will give you a sense of direction on how to go about your trip. It will help you maximize the days you have. Also, you will have lots of fun.



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