Adventure Sports in Mountains

We all have a fantasy and love for mountains and it’s natural that whenever we think of holidaying, mountains are the first place to come to our mind. The peaceful environment , breathtaking views and the unending mysteries it provides are enough to draw your attention towards them. But the adventures mountains provide can’t be ignored. Going on a holiday which allows you to relax as well as let’s you try your hand at many fun activities, what else are you looking for? Take a look at the adventurous activities the mountains are ready to offer and choose the ones that suits you.



Fulfill your dream of soaring high in the sky with Paragliding. It consists of a ‘paraglider canopy’ which helps to fly and a ‘harness’ to support the pilot in standing or sitting position. So breathe in and fly like a bird over the mountains and leave all the worries and problems behind. One can fly for hours on a Paragliding flight even without an engine. Trust me you will feel like a god!



Uncover the unending mystery of the large mountains waiting to be explored. Trek in a peaceful environment and breathe in the fresh air. All you gotta do is ‘keep moving’ but not to forget with safety measures.



Do you always feel that you are hyper -energetic and does not find any activity worth your competition, try Rock Climbing. One needs strength, mental balance and a lot of energy but don’t mistake it as boring, because it is interesting to abandon the usual path and trying to reach your destination by climbing rocks. A variety of Climbing equipments are available to provide safety.



Just like people do Scuba diving to experience the aqueous life, similarly canyoneering provides you the view of what’s within the mountains. It requires to travel down between steep and narrow canyons. It is exciting specifically for the ones who love mysteries and are always curious to know. It is definitely challenging but that gives it another reason to make it more adventurous.



Recurring challenges ,team effort , dealing with risk, the thrill are all parts of rafting. A group of people with an expert uses inflatable raft to navigate a water body. It has 6 difficulty levels, one being very easy and 6th being the most difficult. One encounters waves of different heights and makes their way surpassing the obstructions.



Feel like jumping off a tall structure, try bungee jumping. Answer your anguish, excitement or any sort of pain with this. It’s a thrilling experience and will take away your breath. You will surely feel like you have returned from death. All this requires is you jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. But don’t try this without an expert .



Got the need for speed? Try snowboarding. It can be exhausting reaching at a height for trying it but it’s worth the effort. This sport involves descending a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard attached to a rider’s feet.


Who needs to do drugs when all this is available to set you high!



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