Beautiful European Villages

Most Beautiful European Villages You Must Visit

Planning to travel to Europe  and you are immensely fond of the village charm ? Here are a few Beautiful European villages that are so beautiful that you will almost not believe your eyes having seen them yourself. Have a look at the list :

Rothenbug, Germany

Beautiful European Villages

A town in Bavaria, Germany, Rothenburg remains unaffected by the passage of time. It is a huge attraction for tourists as it is really peaceful place and looks like a page from medieval times. During your stay you must visit the Market Square, Town Hall Tower, Town Wall and other places to enjoy your time. It is truly a medieval gem that you must visit.

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Reine, Norway

Beautiful European Villages

The Norwegian fishing village, Reine is located in the Lofoten Archipelago islands. People come here to relax and get their peace of mind. You can go fishing or kayaking, whale, watching, biking and bird spotting while your stay in this peaceful European village. You can stay in a fisherman’s cottage or simply camp under the stars during the night.

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Oia, Santorini

Beautiful European Villages

The most famous village of Santorini, Oia is known all around the globe for its perfect sunset and peaceful life. It is definitely the most picture perfect village of Santorini. Maritime Museum is a must visit during your stay which has a small  library and things from the maritime life of the area. This European village will surely take you for a ride into the calm world.

Gordes, France

Beautiful European Villages

Standing on the edge of the plateau of Vaucluse, Gordes is a home to many celebrities and movie stars. Its gray and white houses add a unique  beautiful touch to the village. It is infact one of the most beautiful villages of France. Abbey of Senaque is a must visit while your stay in this amazing place. Gordes is without a doubt worth seeing and will give you a lifelong experience.

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Bibury, England

Beautiful European Villages

A popular Cotsworld’s visitor attraction, Bibury has people visiting in all seasons to enjoy the beauty of the village. During your stay you must visit Arlington Row and Arligton Mill to have a good time with your friends. You can take a walk in the evening among the honey colored stone buildings to experience the beauty of picture perfect village.

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Hallstatt, Austria

Beautiful European Villages

Covered with majestic mountains on all sides, Hallstatt is famous for its fabulous views and beautiful landscapes. The pastel colored houses give a reflection in the aqueous waters looking like a perfect painting. A large number of people visit this place every year to admire the views. Hallstatt Market and Hallstatt Lahn are must visit places during your stay in this amazing place.

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