Days of Delhi – II

My second day of Delhi was quite an exhausting affair, but considering the sightseeing I did, it really wasn’t an issue. The new age taxi services, Uber and Ola, turned out to be huge boon, because, as I would learn with experience, Delhi transport happens to be quite expensive for tourists. Kaavash had strictly instructed […]

Days of Delhi – I

Being a loyal resident of Mumbai, I was always cultured to beware of the national capital in the north, and North India, in general. “Their weather is too harsh”, they would say, surreptitiously overlooking the excessive humidity and the famous October heat that plagues Bombay. I naturally carried this prejudice with me to my university […]

Love For Ladakh By Rigzen Yangdol

Photographs are the magical memories which transport us to beautiful moments and places. In the camera of an avid traveler you can see how pleasing the earth is, how diverse the world is and yet how magnificently nature crafts a scenery to offer amazing vistas, serene atmosphere and warm lap to enjoy peace. One such […]

New Orleans: A Nest of Culture in the States

Rated as the most festival-oriented city in the United States of America, New Orleans is simply unique. Either for its multilingual heritage, strong Spanish and French influences and the widespread celebration of Mardi Gras and jazz, NOLA holds a spirit of life like no other. It was found and established by French colonists and named […]

Heavenly Experience in God’s Own Land

Kerala known for it’s alluring festivals, culture, food, scenic beauty allures various tourist towards it. I went to Kerala in December 2014. The peak time to travel in south India is usually Decembers; due to the less humid air and scorching heat. The weather was soothing and refresh! The place is must-go for every sort of travelling […]

Candid Conversation with Traveleshwar Manish Paul

 Most renowned TV anchor, Manish Paul has been traveling with Trip Tap Toe for years now and to celebrate this we decided to get his exclusive interview on travel. His love for traveling is a well known fact. With his Instagram account flooding with beautiful pictures from Spain, USA, Dubai, New Zealand and Istanbul, Manish […]

Greece of Himalayas – Malana Village

 A quick description of Malana is all about a remote place in the Himalayas where there is no law, no police station, no government, where the population is just in thousands. If you are interested to see and learn a unique culture, lifestyle and beliefs then plan a 2 or 3 days to this mystical […]

Fly like a Bird – #Bir -Billing

Got tired of prolonged working hours ? Got fed up of the scorching heat of the sun ? Got bored of monotonous schedule ? Want to relax for sometime in the lap of nature ? Want to fly like a bird ? Then plan a 2 days 3 nights trip of Paragliding in Bir-Billing. Bir-Billing […]

I Dreamt, I Explored And I Got A STORY… #Leh Ladakh.. !!

And it happened in the year 2014, when I randomly checked flight tickets and was amazed to see return ticket of Leh-Ladakh amounting to Rs. 5,250. (Hardly you get a nominal priced ticket for such an exotic place like Ladakh; I repent for not saving that ticket in my Travel Bag else could have posted here). At that time, I realized that the most awaited moment has come to materialize my childhood dream of […]

Valley of Flowers: An Enthralling Experience in the Magical Land of Flowers

Valley of Flowers – The Enthralling experience in the Magical Land of Flowers 6 days.. 530 Kms… 14000 Feet… What would you call a place where you will get meadows of colorful flowers, variety of flora, snow capped mountains, a narrow trek of around 20 Kms, endangered and rare species of animals, gushy water of […]

Kheerganga Trek Tale by Aditya Awasthi

When two guys went on an exciting trek to Kheerganga, they came back as more confident individuals and ardent nature lovers. The noisy city life and the stressful professional life hardly give one any time to relax in nature’s lap. It is in such situations of crisis that one should take a few days off […]

The Seven Wonders of Beijing

As the capital of what has repeatedly been referred to as the cradle of civilization, Beijing is a dynamic city holding a rich history as well as the promise of a future alpha city. With its history extending beyond three millenniums, the city and the country are influenced by those values of the past. It […]

Mauritius: A Haven in Blue – II

“They’re so cute!” “She looks very well fed.” “Did you give her a shower? Her coat smells amazing.” As these sentences were pronounced in a thick american accent, with the rolled r’s and smooth t‘s, I looked down upon these twelve lovely new born puppies caringly, with the mother licking up their tiny heads and […]

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