Mauritius: A Haven in Blue – I

The steward showed me my window seat in the Air Mauritius aircraft, and, with the most polite smile, asked, “Est-ce que vous voulez de l’eau?”, before apologetically switching to English after the puzzled look on my face. And like that, right from the very beginning, my vacation to Mauritius was very French, and full of […]

My First Bungee: From Pain To Perfection!

Travel is not just an activity, it is also a great teacher and for the ones who wish to get ahead in life, it brings the best lessons through the most amazing experiences. When Ksenia Fisenko decided to face her fear of bungee, she never knew it will become a lifetime memory for her, she […]

Tinseltown’s Travel Tales

Bollywood celebrities are known for their luxury holidays and glamorous tours. Often spotted enjoying their trips abroad, these celebs give us major vacation goals with their breathtaking pictures. Though Maldives remain one of the most popular holiday destinations among most of the stars, Goa gets its fair share of glamour too. While some of them […]

My First Ever Chadar Trek Experience!

The Chadar Trek is indubitably one of the the most extreme adventure activities in the world. When Shubham Sharma decided to try this out, he wasn’t sure that this journey will turn out to be a life changing experience for him. Let’s get a detailed insight into his glorious journey through his story. Being a […]

Give Me A Week And Manali !

As the temperature continues to soar, the hills seem to be the inescapable lighthouses of respite giving direction to our wanderlusting souls. Call it filmy, but Ranbir Kapoor’s quirky penchant of trekking into the night to reach the summit of a mountain, in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, is nothing but a celebration of how the […]

Girls Getaway: Three Girls Stepping Into The Wilderness!

When you are determined to take a journey, nothing can stop you from reaching your destination and when you have your friends along, even forests look like a fairy-tale. These three girls just proved that even nature bows down to its real lovers. Shivangi Pandey, Gunjan Menon and Arzoo Raj have been best friends for […]

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