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Matterhorn peak of Switzerland lights up with the Indian flag

Do Babies Born In Mid Air Get Free Visa Travel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Ever wondered what are the boarding facilities for an extra passenger that happens to show up mid-air? What is it like to have a co-passenger who has just entered the world at a height of say some 20000 or 30000 feet in the air? Are they sky babies? Though, it is a rare sight […]

Beautiful Mughal Architectures in Delhi

Red Fort If you are fond of visiting monuments then visit in Delhi, you will definitely not want to miss this famous fort in Delhi. It brings alive the Mughal architecture with its structure which includes Diwan-i-aim and Diwan-i-khas. The architecture of Islamic era is combined with the designs of Persian, Timurid and Hindu making […]

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