Crazy Scandinavia Facts That Will Throw You Off The Edge

What really is Scandinavia?

Scandinavia is an amalgamation forming the northern lands i.e. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Finland and Iceland. All these northerners have one thing in common, wickedness. Yep, you heard it right. These nations are known for their weird festivals celebrations, zany championship competitions, god like men and really gorgeous women.


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Not to mention, they have the same pattern of flags, only the color is different. We are sure there are more unheard facts of Scandinavia being ridiculously unusual. Let’s just quickly take a look on to some bizarre facts of these Nordic countries.

Norway and the Sun aren’t really friends


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The sun in Denmark behaves really strange sometimes. During Polar nights, the sun is only available for as much as 3 hours a day in some regions. While other few regions in Scandinavia don’t get to see any of it at all. Wonder what kind of clocks they use!

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Don’t do speeding in Norway


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The speeding fine in Norway can really lighten your pocket. The fines can be up to $500 and more if you’ve been caught speeding. But there’s more, you can even land in prison for as much as 20 days. Just take a cab already.

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Norwegians are heavy on drinks


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Although, Scandinavians only need a day off for drinking but no one is quite passionate about drinks than the Norwegians. They even have a term for getting completely soaked, ‘Helgefylla’. Nope, stop it. Don’t even try reading that, you’d butcher it!

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Denmark doesn’t have Mountains

Just kidding, it does have mountains only the mountains aren’t really mountains. The tallest mountain, you could call it a hill rather, is only 170 metres tall. And if this wasn’t unusual, the thing has a name and it’s equally unusual. Locally known as Møllehøj. Seriously, how do you say it?

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Scandinavia (especially the Danes) are making the world a better place

Not only Denmark has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Europe, but also the lowest inequality incomes in the world. Students receive nearly $900/month along with free tuition. And the best part, you don’t have to refund anything. Don’t be surprised if the waiter is more qualified than you. That makes me kind of want to pack my bags to Scandinavia almost right away!

Famous Danes Creations


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Did you know that The Loudspeaker, Insulin and the very famous LEGO were created by Denmark? Also, the Danes are labelled as the happiest community in the world. So to say, Copenhagen is the happiest state.

Finland’s ‘Whatever Championship’


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Finland is a land of really quirky competitions. Even if you take the wildest guess, you would  probably fail! Did you come up with anything weirder than a ‘Mobile throwing championship”?  This isn’t even the weirdest sport of all. There are quite handful of outlandish others such as wife carrying race, Rubber boot throwing, swamp soccer championship etc.  A mobile throwing competition, really?????

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World’s International Failure Day

This is actually an official day in Finland and has spread across 17 countries. On 13th October, Finland celebrates its ‘International Day of Failure’. This one is for all the go-getters. By the way, Finnish people consume more coffee than any other country. Here’s another fact for you.

Famous Finnish Inventions


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Did you know Nokia, Angry Birds and Ice Skating are all Finnish creations? Also, the dish draining closet, the first Internet Browser user interface, the Bubble Chair is another of the many unheard inventions that come from Finland.

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Sweden’s Unusual Festivals

Midsummer's eve

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Sweden’s midsummer eve is a great day for the Swedish to drink out. Despite the drinking, this festival includes girls wearing crowns made out of seven different flowers.  At night, the girls also dream about their future husbands.  Sweet dreams girls!

Famous Scandinavia/Swedish Inventions


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Did you know the brand H&M, the fridge and the phone handsets are all of Swedish origin? Swedes also created the modern zipper, the Celsius thermometer, the tetra pack and of course the dynamite.

Another cool fact coming right at you- a Swedish man is firmly advised to take a two months (paid) paternity leave. Cute, isn’t?


Kabelvåg Aurora

And on top of all these wicked facts, one self-evident fact that makes these Nordic nations stand out is that Scandinavia is undeniably beautiful which leads us to believe that Scandinavian nations are definitely the best of the best countries in the world. To stamp on this fact, you’d need to pay a visit soon for your own sake!

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