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Downside of Solo Travel

Downsides of Solo Travel

No One to Share the Experience

Solo travel means not having anyone to travel alongside. All the adventures and food trials have to be done all by yourself. While this is mostly a great thing, but at times you feel the need of a partner to enjoy your endeavors or ask an opinion for things.

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Hard to find Company at Times

Solo travelers are really social people when they are not looking for alone time. But at times it’s hard to find company for these travelers. People usually travel with their own groups and don’t want to include a new person with themselves. This makes you miss the company of your own friends and makes you wish you were not traveling alone.

You can get Lonely

Solo travel involves a lot of individual time including eating alone and even sleeping alone at night. That makes you miss your friends more than ever. But it’s great if doing all these things alone doesn’t bother you.

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Nobody to Push you

Solo travel can make you stay limited on your adventures as there is nobody to constantly motivate you. There is no one to tell you to try it out now or to ask you to get out of bed forcibly on the days you feel lazy.

You can get Lost

Being alone takes you to places and lets you explore the remote corners as much as you want. But when GPS doesn’t work, it is hard to find your way back at times when you are on a solo travel. There is no one to guide you along the roads or help you remember where you went wrong.

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No Good Photos

Photos are the best part of your trip but being alone on the journey, getting yourself clicked is the most difficult task. Risking a stranger with your camera is your only option. But that doesn’t always give you a satisfactory click as the stranger has no idea what you want your photo to be like. That only leaves you the option of using a selfie stick but mostly people don’t prefer looking like a cartoon going around with that.

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