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Europe is stunning and expansive. Hence, it can get a bit tricky to narrow down the list of places you want to visit. The following list should help.

The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland


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The Wild Atlantic Way is situated on the west coast of Ireland. The rocky coastlines, green hillsides, land and sea adventures and a lot of other exciting stuff can truly make your stay in the Wild Atlantic Way a memorable one. Experience the untamed west coast of Ireland and the most enthralling and culturally rich coastal touring routes in the world. It is full of magic, adventure, history and beauty in every nook and corner.

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Bergen, Norway


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Situated on the west coast of Norway, Bergen is known for having the mildest winter climate with a lot of precipitation. The second largest city of Norway that sidelines the sea, you can explore the living history of the modern city in Bergen. It is famous for the seven mountains that surround the beautiful place enhancing its aura. Experience the seafood along with a boat trip and dive into the culture of Europe.

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Rugen, Germany


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Rugen is the largest island of Germany, located off the Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea. The place boasts of sandy beaches, lagoons, resort architecture and stunning open bays. The Jasmund National Park, the main landmark of Rugen island is a World Heritage Site.


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The island offers a huge variety of beach and shore areas which are famous for surfing. The much-known chalk cliff of Rugen is another thing you should experience. Take our word for it, Rugen won’t disappoint you!

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s hilly capital and cultural center, Edinburgh are famous for its gardens and neoclassical buildings. Monuments and memorials including the Edinburgh castle used in the coronation of Scottish rulers and Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park are a must visit for a ride in the history.

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Also, it is a sin to come all the way to Scotland and not enjoy the Scottish Whisky experience. Have a sensational experience at the peak of Edinburgh Royal Mile in the former premises of the Castlehill school in the old town of Edinburgh.

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Warsaw, Poland

The capital and largest city of Poland, Warsaw is a cultural hub of thriving art and club scenes. It is a place of history with the first historical reference dating back to 1313 at the time when Krakow served as the Polish capital city. Warsaw gained the title of the Phoenix City for surviving the wars. You can enjoy the historic sites, the museums and the vivid modernity. The vibrant clubs offer you great nightlife to enjoy your holiday.

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Prague, Czech Republic


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Book a flight to Prague.

Nicknamed the City of a Hundred Spires, Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic has a splendor of historic buildings and Gothic churches. Famous for its unique medieval architecture, Prague is a must visit historical center. Prague Castle is the biggest ancient castle in the world and rises like a dream above the city and lets you enjoy the spectacular views surrounding it.

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Sorrento, Italy


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A coastal town in southwestern Italy, Sorrento is known for its sweeping water views. Land of mermaids, oranges, groves and colors, this place has earned a lot of names for itself. Known for its sea cliffs, it offers some incredible diving, sea fishing, boat cruises and amazing restaurants. Hikers enjoy trekking along the trails of the peninsula and history buffs can enjoy a day trip to Pompeii to witness the mind boggling ruins of an erstwhile thriving community.

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Skiathos, Greece


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A Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea, Skiathos is famous for its beaches, amazing beach restaurants and cafes and nightlife and is mostly visited by the younger crowd. Thrill seekers can  can engage in adventure sports like mountain biking, scuba diving, horse riding and various water sports.

Book a hotel in Skiathos.


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Wonderful panoramic views and romantic picnic spots are the highlights of this place and a simple stroll though the town can be invigorating as you decide to sit on the steps of one of the bars to enjoy a cocktail and the magnificent scenery. This island is abundant with flowers and herbs that will completely enrapture you with the magnificence of nature.

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