Don’t Miss These Festivals In August This 2017

The month of August is known for some beautiful Indian festivals and events including Raksha Bandhan, Dahi Handi on Janmashtami, Nag Panchami etc. Festivals and events change their feel and colour every few miles across the country, however, if you want to pack your bags and try a whole new world outside India, then the list gets even bigger.

Even though, half the month’s gone, August still brings some of the most popular events around the world. From London to Nevada, there is so much that you can explore and create great memories. So, those looking for events to attend in the nick of time, this should help.

Notting Hill Carnival, London


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The Caribbean community is known for its multicoloured and full-of-live culture. The true essence of the culture is visible in this two-day festival which attracts tourists from around the world. Considered among the biggest street festivals in Europe, performers are dressed in multi-coloured costumes of which you can also be part of. Get ready to shake your booty till the end of the night with amazing Samba and other music forms ranging such as dub and reggae that will keep you on your toes.

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Throughout the event, solo as well as group travellers are guaranteed to have a rich thrilling experience. A lot of food stalls will become a never ending treat for your taste buds. Dishes like jerk chicken and rice, salt fish and goat curry are worth a try. You need to consider that you are going to stay out for the most part of your journey so carry water bottles and wipes with you. Make sure to wear comfortable cloth and shoes so that you do not get tired.

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When: August 28 and 29

Where: Streets of W10, West London

Burning Man, Nevada

Nevada is truly a place for some crazy events. The annual exhibition of finesse in terms of the festival, Burning Man is something you should not miss. It is a combination of huge art installations, hula hooping sessions, fashion shows, dance parties and kite flying sessions which will keep you busy the whole time. It is spread over 5 miles, and the camp is arranged right in the middle with a wooden effigy a.k.a The Man.

You can choose to wear crazy dresses and become a part of burners or theme campers. As there are no food stalls per say, it is better to carry your own food and water with you. Make sure you have a good amount of water as Nevada is pretty much a desert and the scorching heat can get to you at times. Sunscreens, sunglasses and loose clothes will keep you safe though. Also, don’t forget to buy a ticket for the festival beforehand.

When: August 28 to September 5

Where: Black Forest Desert, Nevada

La Tomatina (Tomato-throwing Festival)


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This one, particularly needs no telling for most folks, this festival bleeds red here! In the beautiful city of Spain, La Tomatina is an annual event in which people from around the world gather to become a part of the game of throwing tomatoes. You could say it is vaguely similar to the Holi festival in India which is being celebrated with colours. Generally speaking, getting pelted with tomatoes can sound like a rude punishment but when it is done during the festival of La Tomatina, it is all about fun.

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Since 1945, just for one morning every year, the small town of Bunol in Eastern Spain gets flooded with people and tomatoes, and every single person on the street could be seen getting soaked in tomato juice and enjoying tomato fights.

When: Last Wednesday of August

Where: Plaza del Pueblo, Buñol, Valencia, Spain

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Aarhus Festival, Denmark


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Every year for ten days in the last week of August and the first week of September, you get to witness an amazing combination of more than 1000 different events spread over 100 venues. Around half a million people attend this festival dedicated to arts and culture. With different themes each year, the super grand Aarhus festival has been celebrated in Denmark ever since 1965.

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The festival comprises events related to music, theater, dance and everything in between that showcases different cultures and creativity. Along with the Aarhus festival, a food festival is also organized which is attended by a whooping 30,000 people every year. With over 250 food stalls selling all kinds of food, you are free to go weak and crazy with such an overwhelming array of dishes right in front of you.

When: Last week of August and first week of September

Where: Denmark

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Lost Village, Lincolnshire

Debuted in 2015, this is a fairly new festival which hits right with the young crowd. The festival is the brain child of Jamyo and Andy George who happen to be the brains behind Lincoln’s legendary Moda Black club night. It allows a limited number of people, 5000 max to be precise to come and enjoy the music and fairy tale landscape.

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The set of the festival looks simply out of the world with dream catchers, strobes, smoke machines and wandering villagers. You can enjoy Indian head massage, hot tubs, and try a wide ranges of dresses during your time here. The food available during the festival will take you to another world of satisfied taste buds. Amazing music, stunning landscape and world class artists make this festival one of the best go to events for summers.

When: 24 to 27 August

Where: Lincolnshire, UK

Image Link: http://lostvillagefestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/home-2017-slide1-bg.jpg

So, don’t ponder! Just go and add some colour and fun to your life because the stage is all set for you. Stay tuned for what’s coming up next month. Until then, keep grooving!

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