road trip away from India

Foreign Countries That Are Just a Road Trip Away from India

Road trips are always eventful, and though some of these may seem daunting, there are still people who have done it, and you don’t really hear them complaining!
Here are some handpicked road trip away from India for you. Explore, Every journey is a wonder!


road trip away from India

Distance : 5630 kms

Malaysia is really a lively city to take a road trip to in foreign. With huge skyscrapers co-existing with houses on the shore of the river, this country is a place worth going to. The amazing flavors of the food here will make you forget your tiredness which you had on your way.

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road trip away from India


Distance : 1012 kms

The highest peak of the world, jungles and a great booze party with your friends at the end of your journey to Nepal will give you some pretty good memories. The road trip is going to be really amazing as you will see some beautiful landscapes along your way.

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road trip away from India

Distance : 4165 kms

While it is a really long way to China, but it is possible to go there by road with your group. The only problem you will be facing is getting the independent travel pass which takes a really long time. But you get it once, you will be good to go into the country.

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Sri Lanka

road trip away from India

Distance : 3553 kms

Take a drive into the foreign country of Sri Lanka and have a mesmerizing holiday enjoying its beaches, forests and a rich culture. You will love everything in here that made Sri Lanka the place it is today. Being a small land, you can enjoy so much at once during your trip.

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road trip away from India

Distance : 2989 kms

Although driving to Myanmar is a hectic task but it will be all worth the while once you reach there and the magic of Burma delights you. The rich culture, the ancient traditions and an aura where the world is old will be a perfect destination for to visit after a road trip.

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road trip away from India

Distance : 4198 kms

The newly opened highway has created quite a buzz among the tourists. Though air travel might be much cheaper, the highway is a better option to enjoy your travel. It is the easiest place to have a fascinating vacation at beaches with exotic culture.

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