World's Best Green Hotels

Go Green – World’s Best Green Hotels

Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania

Australia’s luxury lodge overlooking the Freycinet peninsula blends mankind and nature with breathtaking beauty. Guests can enjoy the relishing local food and the famous wine during their stay. The resort is known to have planted 30,000 native plants to restore the landscape. The buildings are designed to conserve rainwater.

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h2hotel, California

The hotel gives heavenly service if you are looking for a vacation around nature. Being a green hotel, the solar panels on the roof are used for heating the pool water and smart sensors in the rooms turn off the electric appliances when guests leave. During building, even the construction debris was recycled and almost all construction material was recycled content.

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Tierra Patagonia, Chile

The building is immersed in the landscape and compliments the flow of the geology. The furnishings are hand made by the Chilean craftspeople using the natural materials. You can curl up on a sofa and just stare out the window at the Earth’s finest place. Tierra Patagonia plants one tree for every visitor making green hotels a new big thing.

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Whitepod, Switzerland

Whitepod wants to highlight the theory that hospitality and environmental conservation can go hand in hand. The use of water and electricity is minimal making this hotel rise towards keeping a greener surrounding. They use fireplaces which are used to heat the room. The consumption of water is controlled to save water. But there is no shortage in the service for the guests, the stay is as comfortable as you can imagine.

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Adrère Amellal: Desert Ecolodge, Egypt

The Land Of The Pharaohs- Egypt Travel 6 Nights

The ecolodge is nestled at the foot of the mystical White Mountain. Being one of the green hotels, all 40 rooms are made in traditional Siwan style with salt rock walls and palm roofs. The guests can enjoy traditional dishes which are cooked in clay pots. They can relax in the pool which is fed by natural spring. Moreover, no electricity and no telephone bring you closer to nature.

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Six Senses, Vietnam

Six Senses is a perfect combination of hospitality, conserving the environment and preserving the neighborhood. It is built for maximum air flow and therefore limiting the need for air conditioning. You can play golf near water bodies, as the golf balls biodegrade in 48 hours and release fish food.

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San Camp, Botswana

Situated in the Kalahari wasteland of Botswana are 1940s African style huge camp tents with classically designed patios and wonderful bathing room and washrooms. Exotic Bedouin furnishings and African art make the stay a rare experience.

Treehotel, Sweden

The hotel features five cabins or rather tree-houses. Built using local wood, the rooms are accessible by ladders and the floors have heating systems, eco-friendly incineration toilets, and water efficient hand basin. Porthole windows let guests enjoy the surroundings outside.

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