10 Things You Should Know About Grand Republic Day Offer On Flights!

The stars couldn’t have aligned better for travel fanatics this year. The new year has just began and the universe is already being kind to us with an amazing long weekend.

So, its time you hit five on your gear and make the most of your time this Republic day long weekend! The wise guys at Trip Tap Toe have decided to be generous with your travel plans by introducing the Grand Republic Day Offer.

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Here are 10 Things You Should Know About The Grand Republic Day Offer!

1. Flat 1169 off per pax on return flights (both domestic & international).

2. The booking amount should be ₹8000 or above.

3. Offer is valid till 28th of January, 2018.

4. Offers valid only on flights.

5. Use Coupon Code TTTREPUBLIC to avail the discount amount.

6. Offer is valid for both new and existing users.

7. Offer does NOT apply on Air Asia, Tiger Airways & Fly Dubai flights.

8. Coupon Code is applicable on Online bookings only. Trip Tap Toe Wallet, Cash Back offers & Coupon Codes are strictly NOT applicable for Affiliate Partners / Travel Agents. Trip Tap Toe reserves the right to cancel the booking & forfeit the booking amount in case of misuse.

9. Convenience fee charged during the time of booking is NOT refundable.

10. Cancellation policy for all airlines, class of seats & hotels vary & should be clarified at the time of booking.

So, hustle everybody and book right away to have a blast this long weekend!

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