Everything You Need To Know About Hotel Hack!

Daydreaming about your next vacation but having second thoughts about the heavy hotel prices? Fret Not!  Hotel Hack is here!

Hotel Hack is  our new feature which converts the non-negotiable heavy price of your hotel booking to the best available rate within hours. 

Scroll down to know more how to use this amazing feature-Hotel Hack

  1. Visit the website

    trip tap toe- hotel hack
    Visit our website- Trip Tap Toe and click on Hotel Hack. It will take you to the instructions page.
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  2. Upload snapshot/ screenshot

    screenshot- hotel hackImage Credits- Guest Centric

    Take a screenshot of your desired hotel or hotel voucher of a fully refundable hotel booking. Just make sure your check-in/check-out date, no. of rooms, no. of guests, meal plan & the price (inclusive of all taxes) is clearly mentioned.

  3. Sit Back and relax, as Hotel Hack does the job

    steps of hotel hackImage Credits- Worcester

    Now, just sit back and dream about your staycation goals. Meanwhile, our AI-powered machines validate & scout 1000s of websites & hotel sources to beat your hotel price or check for a price drop.
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  4. Click, Pay and Go!

    steps of hotel hackImage Credits- The Economic Times

    Once we have cracked the best price of your hotel booking, you will receive an email / SMS / notification immediately with more details on the hacked hotel price. Just click on the payment link for the hacked hotel price to book your hotel at the new cheaper price. 

Yes, it is that easy. 


  1. What is Hotel hack? A new feature which will hack your super-duper expensive hotel price and decode the best available price for the same hotel. Now, before booking that extra expensive hotel, land up on the hotel hack feature to make your stay pocket friendly.
  2. Is the feature limited to specific hotels or destinations? No, it works with all hotels & destinations
  3. How many days will it take for Hotel Hack to inform me of a price drop or best available price? Hotel Hack works really fast and decodes the best budget price of your hotel stay within 24-48 hours.



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