These Airports Make Your Layover An Incredible Experience! Here’s How!

Having a long layover while setting for your subsequent flight at the airport is usually an obnoxious experience, but some airports are supplementing a variety of recreation highlights to make your halt as delightful as possible.

Cramped seating, stale sandwiches, hours of boredom, those days are gone. Layovers are so much more fun now. You got everything, from movie theaters to golf courses, some airports have transformed into destinations themselves.

They can now entertain travellers with IMAX film multiplexes, rooftop pools, and golf courses. From an on-site winery with live music station at the Munich Airport to more than 1,000 slot machines in Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, here are top 6 airports where you would die to have a long layover because they are worth it.

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan (TPE)


inside TPE, source://icrt

The airport of Taipei Taoyuan overpowers and greatly impresses travellers around the globe with its ardent zeal and exuberance. Possibly the world’s most creative airport, with every gate having a distinct theme, ranging from environmental conservation to SONY stocks, and from tea counters to the Hello Kitty. Most of these descriptions come with at least one activity for transit passengers – whether it is tutoring in calligraphy or a novel local food tasting.

Outside of the settees, the airport also administers a number of rest zones, shower areas, family rooms and also free Wi-Fi. Moreover, they also make sure the basics are solid – time here is reliably easy, efficient and fair!

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Zurich Kloten International Airport, Switzerland (ZRH)

Zurich Airport wins hands down in the layover department and additional thanks to the fact that it is, in true Swiss style, supremely efficient, organized and tidy. Excellent signage makes it a breeze for passengers looking for their next gate. And, while much of the airport is calm and quiet, the observation deck is a great place to take kids to unwind.

On the contrary, the prices continue to be particularly high. The restaurants and shops are often out of reach for budget travellers. However, you can find affordable sustenance at the grocery store in the basement.

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Munich International Airport, Germany (MUC)

Munich Airport serves as a major travel hub for Europe-bound travellers, and it too goes much above and beyond in terms of amenities and entertainment offered against the backdrop of a well-organized airport. Here, you can experience bits of German culture through the annual Christkindl market. Moreover, the in-house brewery featuring Bavarian flavours can sway anyone’s taste buds.

Magnetic Munich!

If you’ve got the energy to burn or have picked up energy from the numerous free coffee and tea stalls, don’t miss to try out the mini-golf course, excellent surfing which is a hit show during summer months or maybe the ice rink that runs great during winters. And finally for those who feel beat, you have the choice to unwind at one of the quiet zones or nap cabins.

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Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea (ICN)


top view of ICN,source://seoulspace

Seoul Incheon Airport is another global layover that tops the list and a hot contender for the best airport in the world. With a couple of hours here, you might start off with a spin around the in-terminal ice rink, before heading over to the movie theater to see the latest movie. Or perhaps, if Korean culture is something that takes you up, you may head to the cultural center where you can either catch a short play from the Joseon era or taste a few local flavours against the backdrop of Korean imagery.

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If interested, you can also leave the airport on a free city tour. Other fan favorites here include refreshing shower facilities, golf center, body massage chairs for relaxation, a transit hotel and an endless amount of shopping which is of course, the hottest hobby of ladies!

Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore (SIN)


Source: changi

Indeed, the best of all, the Singapore Changi Airport is the best place for a layover in the world! You’ll have plentiful time to traverse the myriad layover activities. The airport is well-signed, well-staffed, and brilliantly kept. Your time here may begin with a spin through one of five gardens, before dipping your toes into a fish spa or slipping into a massage chair. Others may opt for a ride down the multi-story slide or time at the XBox 360 gaming stations before launching into feature films at the free movie theater.

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Or conceivably, you dedicate your time to traversing the multitude of excellent eateries and shops, which sell quality products at normal prices. And, for those who have an inclination towards stepping out of the terminal – though we can’t imagine why – there is also a free layover tour of the city center. It is available to transit travellers with permitting schedules. All in all, SIN is the perfect layover address!

Vancouver International Airport, Canada (YVR)


Source”inside YVR,source://ledcor

Vancouver International Airport adds to our list of best airports for a long layover. Canada’s ultra-friendly west coast core first wows travellers with stunning architectural design and regionally-inspired First Nation’s art. Great shopping and dining options for every kind of traveller are the terminal’s appeal. The airside aquariums that feature the marine life of the North Pacific adds to its beauty.

Life at YVR is made even stabler by the clean facilities, the dynamic lines, and the convenient bonds.  Also, in true Canadian fashion, the staff are incredibly efficient, courteous and obliging. Out and out, time spent at Vancouver International gives you a glimpse into the mesmerizing Canadian life and hospitality.

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