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Plan Your 2018 Long Weekend Getaways Right Away!

Most of us live in reality of the 9-5 job.  However, it doesn’t mean that you are not free to wander around the world. You can satiate your wanderlust and beat the office blues with short trips on long weekends from Friday night to Monday morning. Take full advantage of proper long weekends to make the most and best memories out of your time. Here, take a look at the Long weekend calendar and pre-plan your weekends right away.


Long weekends Basant Panchami (21,22,23), Republic Day (26,27,28)

Where to – Rann of Kutch, Khajuraho, Amer Palace, Chennai – ( Best time to visit as the climate is favourable and pleasant to visit during peak winters)

January is a great time to visit destinations like Rajasthan (Amer palace), Gujarat (Rann of Kutch), Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Madhya Pradesh (Khajuraho). You can have a perfect 3 day vacation at any one of these amazing places.


Long weekends – 10 ( Saturday), 11 ( Sunday), 12 (take-a-day-off), 13 (Maha Shivarathri)

Where to – Goa (off-season with less crowds and a pleasant climate), Gulmarg – Go skiing and enjoy the last few days of snow

If you take a leave for a day or two, that weekend could be the long-awaited vacation in the beginning of 2018. February 10, 11th are weekends and 13th happens to be Maha shivarathri. If you take leave on 12th and 14th, you could have an absolute romantic vacation of 5 days with your partner. All you need is to plan in advance and apply for a leave right away.

Weekend Getaways From Delhi


Long weekends – March 2 ( Holi- Friday), 3, 4 (Saturday & Sunday)

March 29 (Thursday- Mahavir Jayanti; Gazetted Holiday), 30 (Good Friday), 31 ( Saturday), April 1 (Sunday)

Where to – Sikkim (a perfect gem to visit in March), Shillong (with the perfect backdrop of Khasi hills a vacation in Shillong is to die for), Havelock Island (One of the many beautiful islands in the Andamans cluster for a serene escape).

Also, if you are longing for an international break you can visit Turkey for a quick spring break as its the perfect season with the moderate climate. However book in advance!

Book a hotel in Guwahati.

Book Northeast Beauty: Kaziranga to Shillong 4 Nights

On the brink of summer and spring, March is perfect for long weekend getaways with two long weekends with two major festivals- Holi and Good Friday. If you wish to witness Holi at it’s grandest and brightest, visit Varanasi or Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

April- May


Long weekends- April 28 (Buddha Poornima, Gazetted holiday), 29, 30, May 1st (Labour day)

Where to- Stay cool at higher altitudes by visiting – Auli (Uttarakhand)- The lush conifers surrounding this snowy paradise make it a perfect place with breathtaking  views. Darjeeling(West Bengal) – with sprawled tea plantations and gorgeous sunrises, Darjeeling is one of the best vacation spot to visit during April & May; Wayanad (Kerala)- truly a trip for the senses with misty hills and lush greenery.

Setting Foot In The Himalayas: Why Darjeeling Is The Best!

While temperatures soar beyond 40 degrees in April and May, you may escape the heat by planning your long weekend at any one of these serene locations to chill and relax.

Book Queen Of The Hills: Darjeeling 3 Nights



Long weekends- June 15 (Ramazan), 16 (Saturday), 17 (Sunday)

Where to- June is the best time to visit Aizawl (Mizoram), it is very colourful and a lively part of the North-East with a lake borrowed from a fairy-tale. With dreamy looking hills and picturesque views, this place is a summer getaway which will cast an ageless spell on you.

North Sikkim, is a mystical, magical, serene place to keep it all for yourself during the summers. Gifted with emerald landscapes and acres of plantations, Coorg is nestled amid the timeless hills in Karnataka which will rejuvenate you and knock out all your stress.

8 Reasons You Must Visit Northeast India Now!

As summer wraps up by June, a long weekend vacation to these places can turn out to be a lovely escape.

Book A Rendezvous with Nature: Shillong to Guwahati 4 Nights



Source Cherrapunji-24sata 

Long weekends- August 15 (Wednesday), 16(take-a-day-off), 17 ( Parsi New Year) *Mumbai & Gujarat only*, 18 (Saturday), 19 (Sunday), August 22 (Eid ul-Adah), 23 (Take-a-day-off), 24 (Onam), 25 (Saturday), 26 (Sunday)

Where to- The beauty of India is enhanced during monsoons with lush green carpets every where, Mussoorie is one such beauty during the downpours- with majestic waterfalls and mountains. Needless to say about the second wettest place on earth ‘Cherrapunji‘ in Meghalaya, never ending shower trails and splendid scenery is once in a life time experience.

Shillong: The Coziest Town In India

With an awesome combination of liquid sunshine and two long weekends, you know where to plan your vacation to!

Book Eastern Meadows- Guwahati Shillong 3 Nights


Long Weekends- September 1st (Saturday), 2nd (Sunday), 3rd (Janmashtami), September 13th (Ganesh Chaturthi), 14th (take-a-day-off), 15th (Saturday), 16th (Sunday), September 29th (Saturday ), 30th (Sunday), October 1st (take-a-day-off), 2nd (Gandhi Jayanthi)

Where to- Giving way to autumn, monsoon subsides in September, the already formed thick green carpets augments the beauty of many places. With rich rice fields & pine forests, the picturesque scenery of Ziro (Arunachal Pradesh) will fascinate you, the beauty of mist and greens –Conoor (Tamil Nadu), and the green velvety carpets of Mount Abu (Rajasthan) with an oasis of beautiful lakes, enchanting landscapes and green forests are some of the quintessential places you could enjoy long weekend getaways.

Book Hills & Lakes: Udaipur & Mount Abu 4N/5D

With a long list of holidays in your calendar, if you plan your vacation in advance, you can make this September joyous & festive at one of your favourite holiday spot.


Long weekends- October 18th (Navami), 19th (Dussera), 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday)

Where to- Hampi (Karnataka)- Visit the ruins of Vijayanagar dynasty, which was one of the prosperous cities of India five centuries ago. Go get a glimpse of the royal Bengal tiger and other fierce animals in Bandhavgarh National park (Madhya Pradesh) home to rare species, Rajgir (Bihar)- the abode of kings has plenty of holy sites with about 3000 year old history, also an important pilgrimage center for three greatest religions.


bandhavgarh national park

Book a hotel in Coorg.

October, being the off-set of rains- clear skies, spectacular greenery and pleasant climate; along with a long weekend vacation sounds like a perfect plan.

Best Luxury Homestays In Coorg


Source –wikipedia

Long Weekends- November 3rd (Saturday), 4th (Sunday), 5th (Dhanteras/ take-a-day-off), 6th (take-a-day-off),  7th (Diwali), 8th (Gowardhan Pooja/ take-a-day-off), 9th (Bhai-Duj), 10th (Saturday), 11th (Sunday)

Where to- November is the time of festivals and celebrations with a string of holidays one after another. With a pleasant weather throughout the country, travellers around the globe find it more comfortable traveling during November.

Definition of Spirituality and Divinity : Varanasi Unveiled

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)As Deewali/ Ganga Mahotsav is in November this year, go catch a glimpse of the grand celebration with thousands of diyas floating down in river Ganga,  Sundarbans ( West Bengal)famous for the unique mangrove forests and home to globally endangered species, it is as thrilling as it is serene and would be an unforgettable exciting experience.

If you wish to travel overseas during this time, Dubai is one of the best long weekend getaways you could enjoy not too far from home. The primo beach weather and the clear blue skies makes it a pleasant break

Book Holidays in Dubai 3N/4D


Long weekends- December 22nd (Saturday), 23rd (Sunday), 24th (take-a-day-off ), 25th (Christmas)

Where to- December is when tourism in India reaches the acme. Even the hottest destinations like Rajasthan is flooded with tourists, one of the most sought places to visit during winter in India.

We all know December and Goa sync so well together. Lots of travellers across the globe land in Goa for it’s numerous beaches, Sunburn festival, booze and amazing seafood. However, if you wish to escape the overwhelming flock, fly away to Jodhpur– the blue city draws tourists across the world with its vibrant culture and history.


Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur

Book a hotel in Jodhpur

Book Beach Break At The Queeny Goa

With 16 long weekends in your 2018 calendar what more can you ask! Book your tickets right away, you know where to go to now!

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Plan Your Long Weekend Right Away!



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