Metro Stations Across The Globe That Make Travelling A Beautiful Journey

“It’s  all about the journey, not the destination.” These metro stations exemplify this quote truly. Your journey abroad these stations are meant to be memorable.

Formosa Boulevard station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This multi-coloured dome is made of glass. The art illustrates the story of human life with impressive 3-D art.

Toledo Metro Station, Naples, Italy

The wall between the ground and lower level is made up of thousands of Bisazza tiles that move from light to dark blue as passengers travel down the escalators. Passengers will hardly believe their eyes as they wander around this visual spectacle.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai, China

You can take a psychedelic trip through this tunnel which is covered in pulsing, strobing lights. Riders do get a mind-blowing experience.

 T-Centralen Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Painted in blue and white, this metro station looks more like an art gallery. Don’t miss your train admiring this beautiful piece of art!

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Liège Guillemins, Belgium

The astonishing piece of architecture has glass and steel canopy. Particular attention is paid to the architectural detailing of the transitional spaces between the city and station.

City Hall Station, New York

With arched ceilings and ornate skylights; riders can catch a glimpse of this beautiful station, lost in history, while the train takes a tour.

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Kievskaya-Koltsevaya metro Station, Moscow,  Russia

The design reflects the history and relationship between Ukraine and Soviet Union. It feels as though you are in a museum, than in a metro station. Frescoed ceilings and gigantic bronze chandeliers makes it one of the beautiful station in the world.

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U-bahn Station Westfriedhof, Munich, Germany

Discover a whole new world of underground art with light domes that are in vibrant contrast with the bluish rugged walls.

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Hafencity Metro, Hamburg

The light boxes, which are connected to a central control system, can change color individually or as a coordinated unit. The containers morph color in calm, smooth transitions; which gives an animated experience.

Zoloti Vorota” Station, Kiev, Ukraine

White marble, chandeliers, sculptures, mosaics- all these make the beautiful subway Kiev architecture. The pylons depict the various episodes from Ukrainian and Soviet history.

 Atocha, Madrid, Spain

Watching the vivid tropical gardens lined in its concourse; is a relaxing to spend time before the train departs.

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Namur Station Lighting, Montreal, Canada

Hanging from the vaulted ceiling its enormous spatial sculpture spreads out horizontally in all directions. They illuminate the whole area with the fluorescent tubes fixed to its beams.

Rathaus Spandau U-bahn Station, Berlin

The underground platforms are a great spot to sit and relax for an hour — the space has the feel of a monumental crypt with its polished stonework, restrained use of colour and striking lighting.

“The Water Lily Station”, Stockholm, Sweden



The ceiling and walls of the station are designed with lily pads and massive faux pebbles, a rousing poem about aquatic plants can be found on the station floor as well.

University Of Naples Subway Station, Italy

This colourful fun station seems more like a kaleidoscope than a subway. If you ever want to lose yourself in the ocean of colours, head to this subway station.

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Metro Station Plac Wilsona, Warsaw, Poland

Passengers will hardly believe their eyes as they wander around, the shell like ceiling keep changing colours from time to time. It gives a feeling that you are inside a UFO.

Metro station, Dubai

The metro station looks magnificent in blue as the theme is water. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling looks more like jellyfish, depicting Dubai’s history of fishing and pearl diving.


So, by any chance if you happen to be in any of these cities, do add a metro visit to your itinerary.

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