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Pack Your Way – 10 Travel Packing Essentials

Suitable Clothing

Always carry clothes that dry easily and are lightweight. Remember to keep clothes with long sleeves to save you from mosquito bites if you are out for camping and stuff. Another advice to pack your clothes is to roll them rather than folding so that they take up less space in your bag.

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Wet Wipes

You should carry your own set wet wipes as they always come handy if you are going in a less populated area. Dust or dirt, they protect you from it and keep your skin clean at all times. You will never regret keeping them as it’s better than carrying hand towels.

Mosquito Repellent

No matter what backup options you have, if you are going camping you must carry repellents to save yourself from mosquito bites. Forest areas or less inhabited places generally always have mosquitoes and insects in abundance. Better to have the safety against them than having sore skin the next day.

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Toilet Roll

Travelers should not trust public toilets for their needs. For personal hygiene, one must make it a habit of packing toilet roll when traveling. It is useful if you are trekking or camping. Non-Asian people should carry toilet paper as they might not get it in public toilets of Asia and might find it difficult to use low without it.


It’s always better to have precaution. Going to a foreign place can make you travel sick or get you any kind of allergies you are not known about. Keeping suitable fever and cold medicines is a healthy practice while packing for your travels.

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You can carry a small travel kit in which you can keep all your toiletries – shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant etc. Try not to carry big bottles while packing, instead, you can carry small travel-friendly plastic containers which are easier to carry. A microfibre towel is a great thing for your travel packing as it takes up very less space and dries quickly.

Sun cream (SPF 30)

Protect your skin while you are out on your adventures under the sun. Tan lines are a trademark when one goes for trekking.  Stay protected from the sunlight by packing a good sun cream and roam outside freely.

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Hand Sanitizer

Don’t worry about soap in remote corners. Carry hand sanitizer for such moments and keep your hand’s germs free when you know that you might not get water and soap to clean them. Your travels can become a difficult task if you do not carry the right things with you.

Travel Adapters and Chargers

For people who like to stay connected with social media or simply want to engage in electronic devices on their journey ought to carry chargers for them and country specific plug adapters. These things are hard to find or purchase if you forget to bring your own.

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Zip Lock Bags

It is a great thing if you want to separate your dirty or wet laundry from your clean clothes. Plus a great way to save your stuff from toiletry spills and organizing your backpack as a whole. Smart packing is a great way to keep your travel way easier.

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