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Capture A Beautiful Sunset In India Here

“At sunset, Nature is painting for us… day after day… pictures  of infinite beauty.”  With its color spreading from red to orange, sun goes down in the horizon creating a spectacular scenery, a magical art work! Sunset is indeed one of the most beautiful sights to behold especially when the sun drowns in the sea and the palm […]

End The Year With A Bang: Five Fabulous New Years Weekend Destinations

The year is about to end, so let’s end it with a bang! It is time for you utilize the last few days of December and make 2018 worth it. Here are a few lovely destinations you can plan your vacations and spend the days in total bliss. Gear up, back your bags, ready your […]

Best Beaches In India For Sun, Sand And Leisure!

Beaches are the most peaceful and yet the most happening places to visit and I recall Lorde: “I’m surrounded by the beach, so I love to fish and to dive and to swim. I walk a lot, and I bike around. I hang out at the beach, really, and muck around.” Beaches are places where sea, sand and […]

Kolkata Food Fiesta: We Bet You Never Tried One Of These!

Kolkata food has often been synonymous with fish and rosogulla for the residents of other states. Yet this lazy, colourful city has much more to offer! Let me compile for you the gastronomic treats it has to offer. And no, rosogulla and fish curry will not feature in the list! The next time you visit […]

7 Ideal Destinations In India For Solo Female Travel

While most of the travelers we met so far are always thrilled at the mention of a trip, yet, safety remains a big issue for beginners and solo female travel. This article is especially dedicated to the female clan; so girls time to channelize your inner traveler diva! We got you a list of the […]

5 Amazing Destinations For Christmas Vacation In India

With Thanksgiving gone, we are now eagerly waiting for Christmas ! With still a month to go, the spirit is hard to miss! You must have started planning this year’s Christmas vacation and began to mark  items in your shopping list. However, Christmas celebrations vary across the world and it is no different in India. […]

Top 10 Travel Movies To Get You Going

Good movies are not only entertaining they also bring out the fire in you and persuade you to follow your dreams. The wanderlust does get awakened when one sees a scenic backdrop in a movie, a snow-capped mountain or a pristine white beach or wild jungles! Here is a list of movies which will get […]

Travel Books That Will Awaken Your Wanderlust

Most travelers enjoy reading about the adventures and journeys of other obsessive travelers and there are an infinite number of travel tales out there, running the full array from informative and rough to the imaginative, story-telling styles. Here is a list of the most fascinating, adventurous and stimulating travel books to tease your wanderlust genes […]

Travel Quotes That Will Take You Back To Your Passion

Unlike people who look for ways to escape this world, travelers are bent upon highlighting hidden beauty that prevails even in the scorching heat of deserts and rough mountains. From their love for travel emerge quotes which inspire all to turn the mundane into ecstasy! We hope these great travel quotes will inspire you to pack […]

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