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Most quiet places in the world

Most Quiet Places In the World That Can Make You Hallucinate

We all want to spend time in a quiet and silent place to escape from all the madness going on in our lives. And according to you a quiet place would be the one where there are no or less people, you hear the sound of the rustling leaves and breathe in fresh air. No, we ain’t talking about that. We are talking about anechoic chambers, which are so quiet that you will be able to hear the voice of blood flowing through your arteries and veins. Excited?

Anechoic Chamber at Orfield Laboratories

Most Quiet Places in the World

Orfield Laboratories acoustic sound chamber located in Minneapolis, Minnesota holds a Guinness Book of World Record (2005) for Most Quiet Places in the World being 99.9% sound absorbent. Inside the chamber, the sound level measures −9.4 dB and  the human ear can detect only upto 0 dB, amazing right? Also, the longest a person could stay here was 45 minutes before he began hallucinating.

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Microsoft’s audio lab

Most Quiet Places in the World

Inside Microsoft’s audio lab, the sound level is mind-boggling -20.6 dB, which bagged it a Guinness Book of World Record for the quietest place present on earth. According to the reports, the room was created for Microsoft by Eckel laboratories, which also helped to build the chamber at Orfield Labs.

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Bell Labs anechoic chamber

Most Quiet Places in the World


Built  by Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey, this chamber was the first of its kind , built in 1940. The chamber could absorb 99.995% of the incident acoustic energy above 200 Hz.

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Anechoic chamber, Indian Institute of Science


99.19% echo free, this place is the Largest Anechoic Chamber in India. Almost all major audio companies use this chamber to test their products, ranging from small earphones to their high-end sound systems.
Spending time in these chambers should be on your bucket list as literally you will have an out of the world experience as these chambers are also used by scientists (who are about to go to space) to adapt to the silence. Also, you will get some peace…

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