Science City Kolkata- A Trip To India’s Largest Science Center

Recently we took a trip to the Science City Kolkata, and it was fabulous. Do you know it is the largest science center in India? Seriously, it is nothing less than Tomorrowland itself in terms of advanced science application and huge experimental setups.

It is a must visit if you are adventurous and a bit of a science fan. All you gotta do is buy a ticket and then you sit in a cable car, from which you can see all the different infrastructures of galleries in the science park.


Source: Science city

The cable car which you ride is around 100 feet above the ground. I’m telling you it’s nothing less than entering Jurassic Park in the Jeep. In fact, it is even better because you are several feet above the ground and you can have an amazing aerial experience!

Then, there are several galleries to visit, so let the science bug hit you hard because I’m about to list them all in details below.

Dynamotion Hall


Scientific events can be really understood only if you see it happening with your own eyes! Well, here in the dynamotion hall of Science city Kolkata, this is exactly what you get. Hands-on and interactive exhibits on various topics of science that encourages visitors to experience with props and enjoy the underlying interesting and overwhelming scientific principles.

Create your own melodies as you walk on the floor piano, make soap bubbles float in the air, manoeuvre a floating ball, make dishes glide in the air or take a peek into a well of infinite depth. Science is really fun in here!


The Science City Kolkata is a center of mysteries really. You would comprehend this when you enter the premises of the science center. A permanent exhibition on the world of illusions with interactive exhibits that explores how motion and placement makes a difference in the visual perception. You can see the impossible here! Are you ready ?

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Powers of Ten

43 exhibits unfold the smallest or the biggest of the universe through zooming in or out in the order of ten. In simpler words, it explains both micro and macro dimensions of the universe! Something you’d be interested in?

Fresh Water Aquarium

If you re in love with fishes, probably this will be your second favorite place in Science city Kolkata! Its 26 tanks features the most impressive display of bio-diversity inside a man made thing! It houses close to 1000 fishes from lakes and rivers across the planet- the legendary piranhas, black Angels,  colourful  broody looking Oscars, tail wagging colourful gold fishes, agile Silver Dollars and many many  more!

Live Butterfly Enclave


Source: Science centre

Get ready to be transported into a colony of live butterflies that have been hatched here as well as enjoy screening of a film Rang Bahari Prajapati on the life cycle of butterfly.

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Earth Exploration Hall

The Earth Exploration Hall of Science City Kolkata was inaugurated on 6 December 2008 by Ambika Soni, the then Union Minister for Culture, India. A permanent exhibition on earth is housed in a two storied hemispherical building that displays the details of the Southern hemisphere in the ground floor and Northern hemisphere in the first floor.

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Slicing a huge earth globe at the centre of the hall into 12 segments vertically in each hemisphere, important features of each segment such as physical geography, lands and people, flora and fauna and other dynamic natural phenomenon on earth have been highlighted around the central globe.

This is brought into play with impressive modern display technologies such as attractive visuals, interactive multimedia, video walls, panoramic videos, tilting tables, computer kiosks and 3-D effects theatre wearing a special Polaroid spectacle. Truly something, huh!

Evolution Park

Science city Kolkata showcases the  most exciting display of evolution so far. The evolution park of the Science city Kolkata gives you a dynamic theme tour of 1300 square meter covering 7 huge walks through dioramas with 71 robotic pre-historic animals, 26 mind boggling dinosaurs and 140 early plant models smartly set to their periods. It portrays the story of evolution of animal life, especially the extinct species.

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Space Odyssey


Source: Science city

This one is truly riveting and absolutely mind boggling that literally transports you to another dimension! It comprises of a Space Theater equipped with Helios Star Ball planetarium that is supported by 150 special effect projectors and Astrovision 10/70 Large format Film Projection system housed in a 23-meter diameter tilted dome. With unidirectional seating arrangements for 360 people, it features stunning immersive shows on sciences. An experience you shouldn’t miss if you are a science freak!

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3-D Vision Theater- A Journey Through Space



A show based on stereo back projection system where visitors experience 3D effect by Polaroid spectacles. Science city Kolkata has introduced this revolutionary film in this theater absolutely obliterates the perception that the space programme ended with the end of the Space Shuttle Programme by featuring the thrilling plans of the NASA and the rest of the space community as well as the challenges they must overcome to push forward outrageous missions such as landing astronauts on Mars and capturing ever revolving asteroids.

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Mirror Magic


Source: Science city

All are mind blowing some are funny, don’t forget your DSLR. An entire section with 35 exhibits in the Space Odyssey has been devoted to endless mirrors of every dimension — plain, convex and concave. This is one place where folks of all ages can easily lose themselves in an engrossing world of optical illusion.

Some of the most amazing piece to watch out for are- An inverted mirror that throws up images which are upside-down, a mirror maze where you are likely to lose your path and end up rounding on the same path, a mysterious curving tunnel and many more riveting experiences!

Time Machine


Source: Science city

This is another section to really watch out for! A 30-seater motion simulator gives you a virtual experience of a space flight or a journey into the unknown world merely sitting in a casual motion simulator maneuvered by hydraulic motion control system. its movement is absolutely synchronous with amazing visual display and is specifically designed to conjure a virtual environment.

Maritime Center


Source: Science city

The Maritime center of the science city Kolkata depicts maritime history of India, artifacts, dioramas and interactive exhibits on shipping and navigation systems. It displays interesting exhibits on maritime work, imposing replicas, and scaled models of ships and other sea voyaging vessels. There is an unmanned quiz corner as well.

So, hope you guys will have an awesome time exporting the Science City!  A world full of adventures and compelling experiences await you!

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