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Signs That Say You Are Travel Addicted

You know your Passport Number

You have traveled so much by now that you have to know your passport number by heart. As a matter of fact, your passport at times also has extra pages attached to it to accommodate your travels.

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You have a huge Bucket list

Travel Addicted


You are so travel addicted that you can hardly think about anything else other than travel. When you are not traveling, you are busy preparing a bucket list of places you are going to go next. You always have a list of places on your wish list.

You are always Ready

You don’t need time to make up your mind to decide about traveling to a place. The wanderer in you is always curious about going anywhere you get the chance to. You will never find yourself denying someone when they ask you to tag along on their trip.

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You love Travel Movies

Everything about you screams travel, even your choice of movies. Being a travel addict, you love watching travel movies and possibly your favorite movie is also about traveling.

You know Airport and Train Schedules

You have been to the airport or the train station so much that you have sort of learned the time schedules of flights and trains. You travel so much that you have at least traveled by a lot of them at a point of time.

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Travel Tattoos

So, you are a travel addict and you want the world to know about it. Chances are you already have a tattoo related to travel or you are probably planning on getting one inked on you.

You have Tan Lines

Your wanderlust takes you to places, and it involves getting around in the sun during the day. Eventually, you get tanned but that doesn’t bother you now. In fact, you wear it like the tale of your travels around the globe.

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You are Pro at Packing

You have been spending a lot of time traveling from one place to another that you can pack your entire bad in minutes now without forgetting anything. You have the list of things to pack in your head, and you just need very less time to be done with it. In fact, you have all bathroom products in travel sized containers. You have become a genius in packing.

You Don’t have only One Home

Being a travel addict, you have become habitual of sleeping in different places. So ‘the comfort of home is the best’ doesn’t really define you. In fact, everywhere you go feels like home when you start venturing that place around. The road is your home now.

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