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Experience The Naturelicious Staycation At Gulmohar Sariska Resorts

Taking you close to nature landscapes- Gulmohar Sariska Resorts welcomes travelers to the beautiful location of Sariska. The resorts are located in mid of the beautiful valley of Viratnagar and known to unfold the best Aravalli Hills views.
Ambushed by 10 acres of lush green surroundings making it a perfect weekend getaway that can pamper any traveler with relaxation and tranquility.


1. Get The Real Jungle Escape In Swiss Tents-

swiss tents- gulmohar sariska resorts
Ever wanted to experience the jungle life then come down to their Sariska resorts to fulfill all your jungle blues. The in-house swiss tents give you the proper tent house feels while ensuring your comfort too. The tents are wrapped with all the modern amenities and luxuries. So, don’t worry, comfort will be taken great care of- as they offer the best Atithi Devo Bhava services.

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2. Celebrating Rajasthani Cultural Shows-

rajasthani cultural show- gulmohar sariska resorts

While chilling at the resort you can also explore the authentic Rajasthani culture shows organized on special demand.

Experience the dance, light, and sound in Rajasthani tadka and liven up your best experiences. The exposure of local performances will be discovered at the ultimate here. 

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3. Ending Your Nights With Karaoke Vibes-

karaoke nights at Gulmohar Sariska Resorts

How can a staycation end without having a crazy karaoke night!
Here at Gulmohar Sariska Resort, special karaoke night sessions are there just to glam up your night. Also, a chance for the traveler to channelize their inner Indian idol skills by singing the night away and lock the best night memories here.


4. Spoil Your Hunger With Chulha Meal-

chulha meal at Gulmohar Sariska Resorts

Yes, these resorts are still tuned with age-old cooking- chulha techniques. So either re-experience or create your first-hand chulha meal experience here. It is often said that the raw exotic flavors of local food can come out delicious when cooked in chulha.

So enjoy every bite of the local cuisine and if you get a chance then just see how the chef prepares the food in Chulha to acknowledges the local culture methods around.


5. Enjoy the Camel Ride-

camel rides at Gulmohar Sariska Resorts

The most famous highlight about Gulmohar Sariska Resort is their fun camel rides. One can get the real village feel by having a local sightseeing tour on camel rides. Just embark on the authentic Sariska signature by getting on a camel tour and discovering the next door authentic local communities and places. 

6. Nearby Attractions-

famous attractions near sariska resorts

It is definitely an offbeat spot as it is filled with multiple famous tourist attractions like Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bheemlata Pawan Dham, Bijak Pahadi, Mughal Gate, Jain Nasiha, Bhangarh, Ganesh Temple, Kuntunath Temple, Mansa Mata Mandir.
So the brownie point falls here that you have a lot to discover near this Sariska resorts.

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7. How To Reach The Gulmohar Sariska Resorts-

gulmohar sariska resorts - resorts in sariska

Via Air-
If traveling by air either land at Indira Gandhi International  Airport which is at a distance of 182 km or Jaipur International Airport that is 98 km far from the resort.

Via Train-
The nearest railway station will be Alwar situated at a distance of 73 km.

Via Road-
If planning a road trip then plan from Delhi as it would take you around 3 to 4 hours of driving. And if driving from Jaipur, it will take 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the Gulmohar resorts.

(You can either visit the website to know the exact location)

Now one can imagine how the staycation at Gulmohar Sariska Resorts will make your vacation full of experiences and adventures.
Enter the Sariska city and unwind some most happening local experiences while surrendering your soul to the picturesque landscapes around.

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So whenever heading to Sariska, book Gulmohar Sariska Resorts for a comfortable stay with larger than life Sariska experiences.

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