The SuperShe Island -A Private Finnish Paradise For SHE

If you’re a man reading this, we suggest you don’t. Just joshing, but this article really isn’t about the HE, so to speak. We are going the off beaten path today. This time it’s all SHE in here. Ladies, welcome to “No Man’s Land” a.k.a. “The SuperShe Island”. 

The Island is 8.4 acres of land with no man in sight. That’s why we’ve nicknamed it as “No Man’s Land”. SuperShe is just few minutes afar from the Helsinki Airport in Finland which makes it easily accessible. Admit it, we all somewhere down the line have wanted to run in the wild, away from all the chaos that prevails in and around us. Perhaps this could be your stress shrinker.

Who to Thank to?

We are sure you want to know who came up with this genius idea. A stunning woman by the name of Kristina Roth. Let’s get you quickly familiar with the ideology behind the creation of SuperShe Island.

Women need to spend time with other women. Being on vacation with men can cause women to become sidetracked, whether it’s to put on a swipe of lipstick or grab for a cover-up. We want SuperShe Island to be rejuvenating and a safe space where women can reinvent themselves and their desires. A place where you can recalibrate without distractions.

–Founder of SuperShe, Kristina Roth

Roth believes women need to appreciate themselves in this so called “Men’s World”. She learned that she had been working in an environment where a Man’s aura sustains no matter what. Consequently, she bought this beauty floating in the Finland’s Archipelago which now is of course the SuperShe Island. By the way, you can always Google her up for more amazing facts. She’s an absolute powerhouse.

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Know SuperShe Island

The SuperShe Island is a private paradise floating on the gorgeous deep blue Baltic Sea off the Finland coast. It has four cabins which house a maximum of 10 women. SuperShe island is adorned with spa amenities, Finnish saunas, and facilities to melt all your stress away. You’d be escorted to this one of a kind island right from the Helsinki Airport. This one is truly a secluded paradise where you can explore enjoy doing yoga & meditation, farm-to-table dining, take up cooking classes, nature activities, and a lot more. The stay offers three pricing options i.e. $3,500 to $7,250 and few nominated souls get to stay for free.

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Are you A SuperShe?


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Not to mention, you have to be of the right sort to be able to walk the island. Roth believes that the Island is “Elite and not for everyone” . You have to go through a vetting process to experience the retreats and eventually Roth herself handpicks few lucky women applicants. Although some critics believe that the island’s availability is only for rich white women like her. Evidently, Roth rubbishes these claims.

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Furthermore, there is no caffeine or alcohol on this land. Kind of sad, we know but the SuperShe is an absolute substance-free retreat. The menu only has one motive to serve i.e. a healthy nutritious retreat and complete detoxification. Not to mention, you can have sunshine for caffeine and Baltic Sea’s otherworldly views for boozes. How about that? This is probably going to change your world upside down in all good senses. So ladies, you think you’re a SuperShe? If yes, get rolling this instant.

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