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A Day In The Mughal Era- The Taj Mahal Visit

The four of us used to sit in the canteen after our working hours, so in the midst of our daily chit chats, one thing led to another and we ended up planning an unscheduled visit to the Mughal Era, to see the majestic Taj. We started from Delhi, even though our train was rescheduled […]

5 Amazing Train Journeys To Take At Least Once !

The sound of the engine, the continuous stutters, the amazing views of the places you cross, the illusion of motion when you are stationery but the train next to you moves : ahh, there is so much extra about train journeys ! If you are someone you enjoys travelling by train but don”t wish to […]

Sweets and Cities

Just as India is known for its diversity and rich culture, Indians are known for their love for food and there is a reason for it! India takes pride in the variety of cuisines that it offers ranging from chaats to sweets. Every state in India has its own distinct taste and culture and when […]

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