Most expensive Beers that can burn a hole in your pocket

You must have always wondered what beer rich people drink, what does it costs them, is it better than the beer you have, what factors make them so expensive? Yeah, so have I. Your curiosity ends as here is the list of world’s most expensive beers. 1. Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale Price:- $800 – […]

The Most Dazzling Canal Cities of the World

  I believe I am speaking for many individuals when I declare that canals are the most elegant forms of water bodies. The way they cut through and across cities is not only a structural feat but they convey a quaint, magnetic element that stands out against the harsh roadways of any metropolitan. For those who […]

Why Brussels Needs To Be On Your Bucket List!

Belgium, the heart of the European Union, has in its midst a quirky sense of humour and a capital that thrives on eccentricity. A commingling of histories, one can imagine Brussels skipping stones on water, and grinning widely. Often ignored for other major cities on the continent, there’s a lot that one can discover in […]

Most Mysterious Forests In The World

The ancient and rustic charm of forests prove irresistible to many, be it photographers or travelers and especially those stuck in city life long to spend some quiet time in the lap of nature. While the fresh air fills your lungs, the mystical appearance awakens the senses as soon as you land in a forest. […]

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