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Best Cheesecake Desserts Worth Dying for in Delhi

Cheesecake is the one dessert that is never enough, be it birthday or weddings. After the episode in FRIENDS, where Rachel and Chandler spend their entire day eating a cheesecake, the dessert has become all the more irresistible to us. We are a generation born with a sweet tooth and we don’t stop at anything. […]

Days of Delhi – IV

Lotus Temple isn’t too far from Kailash Colony. On my fourth day in Delhi, Visiting the temple seemed like a good idea, and I was quite inquisitive to find out what the buzz around this place was all about. The temple was a first tourist spot that didn’t demand any entry fee. All other places […]

Days of Delhi – II

My second day of Delhi was quite an exhausting affair, but considering the sightseeing I did, it really wasn’t an issue. The new age taxi services, Uber and Ola, turned out to be huge boon, because, as I would learn with experience, Delhi transport happens to be quite expensive for tourists. Kaavash had strictly instructed […]

Weekend Getaways from Delhi

A week in a busy city like Delhi is full of stress, noise, pollution and worries for most. For the same reason weekend is awaited eagerly as it offers a break from the hectic schedule. While most of us laze around in our homes, there is something far better we can do on weekends. Delhiites […]

Best Themed Restaurants In Delhi

Today, we all have a shortage of time and we do miss going on holidays or a day out with friends. But worry not. Go to these restaurants in delhi with your friends and family and you will get a different and good experience altogether. Moreover these restaurants are far better from the regular ones […]

5 Amazing Train Journeys To Take At Least Once !

The sound of the engine, the continuous stutters, the amazing views of the places you cross, the illusion of motion when you are stationery but the train next to you moves : ahh, there is so much extra about train journeys ! If you are someone you enjoys travelling by train but don”t wish to […]

Basti Hai Dilwalo Ki Dilli

Famous for its street food, cool culture, bindass attitude and spellbinding monuments, Delhi is certainly inhabited by  dillwalas! Be it Bollywood celebs or common man, Delhi is everyone’s favorite and we love Delhi too. While we have hundreds of reasons to hail Delhi yet here is a list of top 10 things we love Delhi for! […]

10 India Trips for Filmy Travelers

Known for drama, romance and action, Bollywood movies play a major role in boating tourism too by presenting some of the most beautiful locations in an extraordinary way. While Kashmir has always been a major favorite among Bollywood producers, the upcoming artists know how to shoot in the remotest locations as well. Where movies like […]

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