Trek to Harishchandragad – II

As the sun began traversing the skies, so our hike began with great gusto through the red mud.The trek to Harishchandragad begins! Read the previous post Trek to Harishchandragad I  There came a fork in our way, and to our right lay the vast expanses of green forests. The huts of Khireshwar village had long […]

Mauritius: A Haven in Blue – I

The steward showed me my window seat in the Air Mauritius aircraft, and, with the most polite smile, asked, “Est-ce que vous voulez de l’eau?”, before apologetically switching to English after the puzzled look on my face. And like that, right from the very beginning, my vacation to Mauritius was very French, and full of […]

Best Amusement Parks That Must Make It To Your Bucket List

Flying up and down at a speed that supports Einstein’s theory of light and marvelling over how notorious human innovation can be; an amusement park turns out to be the melting pot, of shrieks, laughter and hysteria! These are in actuality places where adults are reminded of their youthfulness and children forced to evaluate if […]

Charming Cities In America You Must Visit

Whether you are here for the first time or a zillionth time, you haven’t experienced the essence of America if you haven’t been to these cities. San Francisco, California San Francisco in California is known for its beautiful Victorian-era houses, landscapes and for its super famous Golden Gate Bridge. It is the main city in Northern California and […]

Casablanca- Morocco’s Cosmopolitan Soul

Imagine yourself in your flight watching the 1942 black-and-white Bogart-Bergman-Henreid classic because this is going to be your first visit and so, you watch this American drama to understand the city a little before you land. Your thoughts are as monochrome as your shades and what you’re expecting is a lazy, eurocentricized vacation where you […]

Get Ready To Fall for Bhutan

The land of monasteries, fortresses and dramatic topography ranging from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys, Bhutan is the world’s last remaining Buddhist Kingdom. Due to its pristine environment and harmonious society, the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan has been called “The Last Shangrila.” Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world, and the […]

Stunning Real Life Locations From Game of Thrones: Part 1

Travel, travel everywhere leave not a place unsullied! Travel is an inseparable part of almost everything that you can think of; be it a movie, TV series, reality show or novels. And I know what strikes your mind first when you spot the word fantasy and TV series together- Game of Thrones. Such is the frenzy […]

Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In India For Your First Ever Sojourn!

Honeymoon tourism season has picked up the pace with the start of the wedding season. While most of the couples are looking for a budget tour packages to abroad, I bring a list of best honeymoon destinations in India. Be it beaches, nature, oceans, adventure sports or scenic beauty India has it all where you […]

Ideal Destinations In India For Women Travelling Alone

While most of the travelers I have met so far are thrilled at the mention of a trip, yet, safety remains a big issue for beginners and women travelers. This article is especially dedicated to the female clan; girls time to bring out the madness in you! And, we have got a list of the safest […]

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