Cheapest European Cities To Travel Without Hurting Your Pocket

Everyone has thought about a Europe trip at least once in their life. So, if you’re reading this, I am sure you have too. However, the only reason that you’re still here reading this, is probably because you’re not much of a squanderer. Are you? Or maybe you aren’t aware that there are in fact, […]

Most Beautiful European Villages You Must Visit

Planning to travel to Europe  and you are immensely fond of the village charm ? Here are a few Beautiful European villages that are so beautiful that you will almost not believe your eyes having seen them yourself. Have a look at the list : Rothenbug, Germany A town in Bavaria, Germany, Rothenburg remains unaffected by […]

World’s Most Luxurious Trains

The journeys on board luxury trains can be the most memorable and ornate experience for any traveler. No matter how convenient a flight is, there is something about railway journey which makes it so exciting and nostalgic. These luxury trains offer elegant traveling by transporting you to an era of decadence, romance and leisure. Promising […]

Grab a Bike and Lose Yourself in the City of Amsterdam

It’s been called the City of Freedom and for good reason: any individual can blend into the city and the values it exhibits. Whereas so many of these so-called ‘alpha’ cities are characterized by commerce and aristocracy, Amsterdam has become a haven for the progressives and the free-spirited. Here’s how you can re-discover your youth […]

5 Cycling Routes You Need To Traverse!

It’s a well know fact- Cycling is a great cardio exercise, for both the soul and mind, as it is for the body. Moreover, it is cost effective and non-polluting! So what you end up doing is not just keeping fit, but also saving the planet like the rockstar that you are. We’ve also established, […]

Why Brussels Needs To Be On Your Bucket List!

Belgium, the heart of the European Union, has in its midst a quirky sense of humour and a capital that thrives on eccentricity. A commingling of histories, one can imagine Brussels skipping stones on water, and grinning widely. Often ignored for other major cities on the continent, there’s a lot that one can discover in […]

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