Prison Tourism: Tapping Into A Prisoner’s Shoe For A Day

When we talk about brutal and ruthless criminals, we think of fearlessness. But do you know even the most slickest gangsters in the world are afraid of one thing? Death? No, they don’t care about that. It is the Prison. There was a reason why the most notorious criminal of 20th century, Pablo Escobar was afraid […]

Nature’s Own Kaleidoscope: The Rainbow Mountains, China

Ever heard of the Rainbow Mountains? Sounds fancy right? Well in case you haven’t, we’re here to save the day. The Rainbow Mountains of China lies within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park. What makes them particularly special are the rare kaleidoscopic colours. Probably, the very reason people call them as the Rainbow Mountains. They […]

The Outrageous Galapagos Islands In Ecuador

The outrageous Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador, are volcanic islands settled on the either sides of the Equator in the Pacific Ocean. These islands are best known for the massive number of rare species and outstanding scenic topography. Unblemished by human activities, these islands are truly a mammoth of an unbelievably unique landscape coupled with friendly […]

Days of Delhi – I

Being a loyal resident of Mumbai, I was always cultured to beware of the national capital in the north, and North India, in general. “Their weather is too harsh”, they would say, surreptitiously overlooking the excessive humidity and the famous October heat that plagues Bombay. I naturally carried this prejudice with me to my university […]

Prague: The Soul of Central Europe

Yet another relatively uncommon entry on this list, Prague, at even one glance, is worth being written and talked about. Adorned with churches, bridges and monuments in Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, it holds within its expanse some of the most diverse architecture of Europe. It is also held in high regard by politicians and […]

Experience the Spirit of Japan

We often call it the Land of the Rising Sun, as it is the first land at which morning arrives and heralds a new day for everyone westward. In similarly historical meaning, Japan is often referred to as a cradle of civilization. It has set a path for humanity to follow in terms of politics, […]

Trek to Harishchandragad – II

As the sun began traversing the skies, so our hike began with great gusto through the red mud.The trek to Harishchandragad begins! Read the previous post Trek to Harishchandragad I  There came a fork in our way, and to our right lay the vast expanses of green forests. The huts of Khireshwar village had long […]

Adventure in Athens in Three Days

  When we think about Greece today, we immediately refer to its economic meltdown, ignoring its vast history that has spawned civilization throughout the world. In its long history, it facilitated the birth and rise of democracy, philosophy, literature, political science, science and mathematics, drama and sport, in the form of the Ancient Olympic Games. […]

Trek to Harishchandragad – I

My trek to Harishchandragad, in the countryside of Maharashtra, commenced in a flurry of uncoordinated moves and unplanned developments that caused a miserable delay on my behalf. Being a Type I Diabetic patient, I was vulnerable to unstable sugar levels, owing to which I had prudently consumed a few homemade laddoos prepared by my very helpful mother. […]

A Fascination with Florence

Once you stroll through Florence, you might never want to leave the town. Though it is a commercial, dynamic city with a metropolitan population of over 1.5 million, I use the word ‘town’ to relay the impression of warmth, comfort and quaintness it left on me. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, a cultural movement […]

Extraordinary Egypt: Where History Begins!

For those who wonder where the timeline of humanity begins, this is it. The earliest evidences of mankind have been tracked down to this North African country, affirming its significance in history through the ages. For a history nerd like me, I have always been fascinated by how every element of life came to be and while […]

The Seven Wonders of Beijing

As the capital of what has repeatedly been referred to as the cradle of civilization, Beijing is a dynamic city holding a rich history as well as the promise of a future alpha city. With its history extending beyond three millenniums, the city and the country are influenced by those values of the past. It […]

5 Reasons to Visit The Pink City : Jaipur !

The Pink City Jaipur is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan -“ The land of the Kings”. A prominent city in India & one of the most popular travel destination in India – this place is a cultural paradise ! Well preserved heritage,  the  charm of royal legacy, the beauty of a rich […]

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