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Chiapas- Mexico beyond Cancun (Page 2 )

After visiting the Spanish colonial town ‘San Cristobal’ and riding through the Sumidero Canyon and the colorful lakes on the first couple of days, we decided to slowly travel back in time by taking a good look at the ancient ruins of  the Mayan civilization during our remaining trip. Day 3 The most awaited and my favorite […]

Chiapas – Mexico Beyond Cancun (Page 1)

The moment I entered Mexico I realized that Mexico is much more than tacos , sombreros and cartels. The ‘Real Mexico’  is more enthralling than the Americanized ‘Cancun’. Being a history lover, it was like a dream come true, as I was always fascinated by the pyramids and mythological stories of ancient times. Mexico was […]

7 Amazing Places To Swim Across The Globe

Do you consider yourself to be a water-baby ? Are your favourite memories from the vacations involve swimming at the beaches ? Is swimming in the wild your idea of relaxing ? Then here are 7 most amazing places to swim across the world! Calanque de Sormiou, France Source Source This is one of the […]

7 Unique Festivals You Need To Experience!

As Indians, we’re in sync with the knowledge that there are several festivals out there. Running down streets with colours and water balloons, lighting up the skies with fireworks, coming together in the remembrance of influential entities,  celebrating triumph, mourning loss, celebrating birth and rebirth. We’re a land of immense diversity. Yet, there are certain […]

6 Amazing Places to Scuba Dive at !

Scuba diving is one of the best way to experience the underwater marine life & the sea. Not just a unique & mesmerising experience but also you will definitely learn a lot about nature & yourself while you dive. So, wash away your doubts and get ready to experience ecstasy in the best way possible […]

8 Most Beautiful Beaches Around the World

The cold winter days are gone. Summer is here & with it comes the scorching sun but that is not all – It is a great time for travelling. It’s time to get tanned! It’s the time to hit the beach! The weather might not get any cooler but you can definitely chill still. Here are […]

Most Haunted Places In the World

Here is a list of the most haunted places in the world which will give you goosebumps. These are the places where nobody dares to enter during night for obvious reasons but if you are the daring kind, then it is gonna be a do and die situation for sure. Be ready to witness ghosts, […]

Six Awesome Latin American Festivals That Will Change Your Life!

When it comes to festivities, Latin Americans sure know how to celebrate. The rich culture and deep rooted history of Latin America has given rise to numerous beautiful festivals and celebrations over the ages, and despite the ever-changing times, these festivals have neither lost their splendour nor their charm. Most of the Latin American festivals find […]

5 Must-Visit Places in Mexico

Mexico is a land brimming with surprises at every corner. its rich heritage, culture,architecture and food make it one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. if you’re planning on spending your vacation admiring beautiful churches, visiting museums or just want a simple beach holiday replete with some amazing food, mexico is the place […]

How to Spend A Weekend In Mexico

Known for its Templo Mayor, the baroque Catedral Metropolitana of the Spanish conquistadors and the Palacio Nacional, Mexico city is a fascinating capital that charms its visitors with endless options. With lots of historic sites and museums, the city is a favourite among history lovers and it is also loved for its tremendous energy. If […]

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