Experience Hamburg in Four Days

Many don’t know this but Hamburg is actually the second-largest city in Germany. Known for its vivacious and the serene canals, it is one of the most affluent cities of Europe. With a colourful nightlife, cuisine, plate of business opportunities, it constantly ranks as one of the most livable cities on the planet. Here’s how […]

Grab a Bike and Lose Yourself in the City of Amsterdam

It’s been called the City of Freedom and for good reason: any individual can blend into the city and the values it exhibits. Whereas so many of these so-called ‘alpha’ cities are characterized by commerce and aristocracy, Amsterdam has become a haven for the progressives and the free-spirited. Here’s how you can re-discover your youth […]

Shillong: The Cosiest Town In India

I may be falling under a hometown bias here but there is no denying the charms of this small town. Once hailed as the ‘Scotland of the East’ by the British when they touched based upon this settlement, Shillong and all of its residents have long since embraced the inherent beauty. source Cosy, comfortable and […]

7 Unique Festivals You Need To Experience!

As Indians, we’re in sync with the knowledge that there are several festivals out there. Running down streets with colours and water balloons, lighting up the skies with fireworks, coming together in the remembrance of influential entities,  celebrating triumph, mourning loss, celebrating birth and rebirth. We’re a land of immense diversity. Yet, there are certain […]

5 Musical Cities For Music Buffs

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Nietzsche From percussionist beats to the strings of a harp, from the strum of a guitar to the blare of a trumpet and the melody of a flute, music has always been the source of being able to feel things that you wouldn’t feel otherwise. There is something […]

4 Outdoor Indian Music Festivals To Visit

We’ve all heard a great deal about the Sunburn festivals and NH7 Weekenders. They are known to be massive spaces of musical commingling, where people come together for an otherworldly experience of feeling, understanding and getting to know about various kinds of music. Yet there are some music festivals that offer instances where nature becomes […]

Hollywood’s Best Travel Songs For Your Next Journey

Whether we’re driving across the country or just down the road, we can’t ponder travelling without an empty playlist. Music has the power to disconnect us from the disturbing voices and transport to a new world, it brings our imagination to play and that’s why when on a trip, it helps us feel a stronger connect with […]

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