These French Cafes In Pondicherry Will Sway You Back Into The Colonial Era!

Bonjour les amis! Pondicherry, aka ‘Puducherry’, aka the Little France of India is a town that lies on the Bay of Bengal. The reason why it is called the ‘Little France of India is simply because of its influences of colonial super powers such as France, England, Portugal and Netherlands. These influences are still perceptible […]

San Francisco: Summer of Love

The Summer of Love refers not to the cool, lovely summers the city of San Francisco experiences but also the social phenomenon that transpired in the year 1967 in which throngs of hipsters and youth, the ‘flower children’ settled into the city and vocalized their messages about peace and love. Their eclectic interests in art, culture, […]

Prague: The Soul of Central Europe

Yet another relatively uncommon entry on this list, Prague, at even one glance, is worth being written and talked about. Adorned with churches, bridges and monuments in Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, it holds within its expanse some of the most diverse architecture of Europe. It is also held in high regard by politicians and […]

The Magic of Montreal

Known as the most European city situated outside of Europe itself, Montreal has amassed a reputation for standing out among the typical North American cities. Outside of its primary language of French, Montreal holds a distinct vibe felt by anyone who strolls through it. The multiculturalism, the graffiti on public spaces, exhibitions and art shows held […]

Adventure in Athens in Three Days

  When we think about Greece today, we immediately refer to its economic meltdown, ignoring its vast history that has spawned civilization throughout the world. In its long history, it facilitated the birth and rise of democracy, philosophy, literature, political science, science and mathematics, drama and sport, in the form of the Ancient Olympic Games. […]

Tokyo’s Craziest Restaurants

Tokyo  is known for its amazing restaurants and good food as well as its creativity and quirkiness. The creativity and fun loving nature of the Japanese find an outlet in every aspect of their lives – even their restaurants. From cute to the scary and the quirky, you will bump into the most peculiar sorts of […]

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