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A Day In The Mughal Era- The Taj Mahal Visit

The four of us used to sit in the canteen after our working hours, so in the midst of our daily chit chats, one thing led to another and we ended up planning an unscheduled visit to the Mughal Era, to see the majestic Taj. We started from Delhi, even though our train was rescheduled […]

The Best Places in the World for Sunsets

There’s something about a sunset or sunrise that enchants all its beholders. We are willing to spend minutes and hours gazing at the slow movement of the sun. It could be that we are fascinated by the merge of the day and night, or that we enjoy the drifting colour of the sky as it sways from blue […]

Love In The Air: 6 Perfect Romantic Settings For A ‘Yes’!

Clammy hands, sweaty foreheads and panic attacks- proposing to your sweetheart can indeed be quite a tricky and anxiety ridden situation. While candle light dinner, red roses and champagne are all too predictable, we have some really amazing and unexpected ideas to make your proposal more expressive and exciting! Instead of those hundreds of colorful balloons, how […]

Capture A Beautiful Sunset In India Here

“At sunset, Nature is painting for us… day after day… pictures  of infinite beauty.”  With its color spreading from red to orange, sun goes down in the horizon creating a spectacular scenery, a magical art work! Sunset is indeed one of the most beautiful sights to behold especially when the sun drowns in the sea and the palm […]

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