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Most Beautiful Places of Worship

Brihadeeswara Temple, India Famously known as the Big Temple, It is one of the best places of worship in India, this granite temple was built in 1010 by the emperor Rja Rja Chola I. The temple has intricate architecture and a fascinating history. A really huge statue of Nandi weighing 20,000kg is adorned at the […]

Experience the Spirit of Japan

We often call it the Land of the Rising Sun, as it is the first land at which morning arrives and heralds a new day for everyone westward. In similarly historical meaning, Japan is often referred to as a cradle of civilization. It has set a path for humanity to follow in terms of politics, […]

The Seven Wonders of Beijing

As the capital of what has repeatedly been referred to as the cradle of civilization, Beijing is a dynamic city holding a rich history as well as the promise of a future alpha city. With its history extending beyond three millenniums, the city and the country are influenced by those values of the past. It […]

5 Spellbinding Hindu Temples to Visit Outside India !

Hinduism is a religion with diverse philosophies, beliefs, countless gods & goddesses, many mythological stories & over a billion followers,. If you didn’t know, it is also the world’s third largest religion by population. While, there are several extremely beautiful Hindu temples are situated in India visited by a million devotees every day, you will […]

Must Visit Places In Uttarakhand During Your First Visit

Uttarakhand boasts of majestic Himalayas, pristine rivers, snow-capped hills and simplistic living amidst nature and harmony . This picturesque state has wide range of experiences to offers from nature’s love, lush green valleys, clear air to meditation, yoga and adventure.  With numerous hill stations and magnificent locations, the state sees high footfall throughout the year. Dehradun and […]

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