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Experience the Spirit of Japan

We often call it the Land of the Rising Sun, as it is the first land at which morning arrives and heralds a new day for everyone westward. In similarly historical meaning, Japan is often referred to as a cradle of civilization. It has set a path for humanity to follow in terms of politics, […]

5 Best Places To Visit In Asia for Shopping Lovers

Are you someone who is always looking for great local markets to find great deals on products ? If you love to go easy on the pocket & thoroughly enjoy street shopping, then here are 5 places to visit in Asia where you can go gaga over endless streets of collectibles and souvenirs! Bangkok One […]

Tokyo’s Craziest Restaurants

Tokyo  is known for its amazing restaurants and good food as well as its creativity and quirkiness. The creativity and fun loving nature of the Japanese find an outlet in every aspect of their lives – even their restaurants. From cute to the scary and the quirky, you will bump into the most peculiar sorts of […]

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