Best Getaways From Kochi For That Much Needed Break!

Are you somewhere in or around Kochi right now and looking for a weekend break? You have so come to the right place. This one is a list of some amazing quick getaways from Kochi that you can escape to whenever you feel like letting yourself loose. Munnar   Amidst the Western Ghats mountain range in […]

Nature’s Own Kaleidoscope: The Rainbow Mountains, China

Ever heard of the Rainbow Mountains? Sounds fancy right? Well in case you haven’t, we’re here to save the day. The Rainbow Mountains of China lies within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park. What makes them particularly special are the rare kaleidoscopic colours. Probably, the very reason people call them as the Rainbow Mountains. They […]

Days of Delhi – IV

Lotus Temple isn’t too far from Kailash Colony. On my fourth day in Delhi, Visiting the temple seemed like a good idea, and I was quite inquisitive to find out what the buzz around this place was all about. The temple was a first tourist spot that didn’t demand any entry fee. All other places […]

Days of Delhi – III

The third day in Delhi dawned on me a little cloudy and cooler than the rest, which got my spirits quite high up, but you never know when the clouds change their mind and decide to depart, leaving you under the sun’s mercy, so I contained my satisfaction. A tour of the Connaught Place was […]

Days of Delhi – II

My second day of Delhi was quite an exhausting affair, but considering the sightseeing I did, it really wasn’t an issue. The new age taxi services, Uber and Ola, turned out to be huge boon, because, as I would learn with experience, Delhi transport happens to be quite expensive for tourists. Kaavash had strictly instructed […]

Tips to Make You the World’s Finest Traveler

Most people do not start traveling as an expert traveler because it is something that comes with years of experience. In the start, you might make a few mistakes on the way. The expertise comes from stolen luggage, shortage of money, getting lost and silly behavior. Then, eventually, you start traveling like fish in the […]

8 Easy Steps to Plan a Trip

These easy steps to plan a trip will take you away from the stress of planning the trip and make your great adventure voyage. Decide the Destination Selecting a place where you want to go is really important to set a mind to the travel. Mostly people just talk about travel but never really are […]

Downsides of Solo Travel

No One to Share the Experience Solo travel means not having anyone to travel alongside. All the adventures and food trials have to be done all by yourself. While this is mostly a great thing, but at times you feel the need of a partner to enjoy your endeavors or ask an opinion for things. […]

8 Reasons You Should Visit North East India Now

Wide Culture The majority of the population is tribal belonging to various cultures including Tibeto – Burman, Mongolian and Austro- Asiatic. A visit to these tribes is a must if you visit the northeast India. Hornbill festival of Nagaland is really famous and one must attend it during their stay. 7 Unique Festivals You Need […]

Things Solo Travelers Must Do on a Trip

Traveling alone is a lot different than traveling with a group as it gives you feeling of freedom at one time and loneliness at the very another point. You can eat and stay wherever you feel like without consulting others. But people still do not make the most of it on their solo trips. Here […]

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