11 Handy Tips To Survive A Long Haul Flight

When it comes to flying, long haul flights aren’t as pleasing as it may seem. Plush seats with video games and movies, in-flight meals served by flight attendants, no matter what, it’s always tiresome to complete a long haul flight.
Fortunately, there are a few ways to make your long haul flight experience less painful.

1. Dehydration

When you’re flying, you begin to dehydrate at a faster rate. Don’t wait to feel thirsty. Drink water frequently.

2. Start your flight well rested

For those who think that a long haul flight is a good chance to catch up with some sleep, beware. Seldom does it work out the way you want. Whenever your eyes start drooping, put on your eye mask and earplugs and take a nap.

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3. Eye mask and earplugs

Bring your eye mask and earplugs. Blocking out lights will help you sleep more comfortably. The earplugs will save your nascent sleep from sudden baby cries or passing food trolleys.

4. Try to avail a window seat

You can enjoy the views occasionally during daytime, but window seats are more important because the wall provides you a good place to rest your head and doze off. Also, it saves you from the disturbance of passing food trays and moving for co-passengers.

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5. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or coffee

Alcohol will keep you up and dehydrate you, contrary to what you thought. This will make you feel irritated. Same goes for coffee. Have some juice instead.

6. In-seat exercises

Perform in-seat exercises to stretch your muscles and normalize your circulation. Do it for 2-3 minutes every hour to prevent swollen ankles, sore leg muscles and backache.

7. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

It’s a medical condition where blood clots are formed in deep veins. Long flights may cause DVT. Keep your circulation normal, especially around the calves. Wear compression stockings for better aid.

8. Wear comfortable and loose clothes

Helps a lot to relax in those seats with little legroom. Carry a scarf if possible. Keep your spine as straight as possible. The C-shaped seats aren’t exactly spine-friendly.

9. Bring your own stock of movies, books, etc.

You have to kill time. Lots of it. Fill your laptop or tablet or other devices with movies, songs, etc. Make sure that the devices are fully charged. If you like reading books, bring them.

10. Secure your baggage

Keep your wallets, passport and credit cards well hidden inside your bag. Don’t keep the bag below your seat, compromising your legroom in the process.

11. Be nice

Last, but not the least. You have to be around those people for a good number of hours. Keep that in mind. Be nice to the flight attendants. They’ll be the ones who would look after you the entire flight.

Long haul flights can be exhaustive. Keep these tips in mind to scrape through unscathed. 

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