Travel Contest: Tell Us Your Story In Black & White!

Hola folks!

Ready for another thrilling week with an awesome travel contest?

Now, you would agree when I say that black and white creates an unusual dreamscape that the world of colours never really can. And’s it not everybody’s cup of tea to achieve that which is why we are challenging you to do exactly that this time.

So, here’s the catch!

Wear your creative hat right and get ready to spill some awesomeness with your camera lens and create the world of your dreams and share it with us this week. All we need from you is at least one stunning travel picture in black and white spectrum and breathe life into it in a way you have never done before!

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Rules of the Travel Contest:

  1. Submissions are welcome on these social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Upload your picture/pictures on your profile and tag us in the picture.
  2. Use #tellusyourstory in all your submissions. Submissions without it won’t qualify.
  3. Follow @TripTapToe on all the above mentioned social media platforms
  4. Multiple image submissions are allowed in this contest. So, feel free to flaunt your creativity to the best of your ability.
  5. Tag as many friends as possible to challenge your mates and increase your winning chances exponentially.
  6. If you happen to be our lucky winner, you will need to share a video message declaring yourself the winner which we would love to share and announce on all our platforms!

A Special Tweak!

Whether you win the contest or not, your efforts won’t go in vain we promise you that. Even if your picture doesn’t get to be the top pick, but still happens to be a pretty darn good picture, we will be happy to feature it on our social media platforms.

So, wear your creative lens and start shooting!

Contest period: 28th November, 2018

Contest Prize: Exciting TTT Vouchers Worth Rs. 1500

Entries beyond this date wont be considered.

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