Exclusive Travel Destinations For 2018 Bucket List

Whether it’s the exhaustion from last year or the continual change in political climate, the new year guarantees to be a pennant year for travel. This year, we will witness how new tactics and technology will help lessen booking hours, enhance experiences and stretch out to customers in more customized ways. We’re increasingly leaning towards technology to do away with any and all on-the-road irks, deliver answers to our specific requirements in the moment and build up our experience with recommendations and short-cuts we haven’t ever even had an impression of. 2017 will see this supposition addressed in an unparalleled way. So here’s a taste of what to expect and where to travel this year.

First, let’s see how technology will assist you with your excursion to your dream destinations.

In 2017, the travel industry will embrace the use of experiential technology as part of the advertisements and booking process to entice the customer. Augmented and virtual reality with 360 degree videos of destinations will poke the customer with an experience they want to indulge in reality.
 People love sharing their travel experiences on social media on the go. The travel industry will be using this insight to put up more location-based triggers as travellers and tourists not only check into flights and hotels but also locations on Twitter, Insta and Facebook.

Customers have invariably been happy to research holidays on their smartphones but uncertain to book. So, the industry will continue to push mobile conversion in 2017, just like online marketplaces have been doing for the last couple of years, that is, more offers and discounts for you on app bookings.

We have also curated some of the most ideal travel destinations that you must add on to your bucket list for the year:



Whether you’re a committed adrenaline junkie, a wildlife fanatic or a city slicker looking for cutting-edge culture, Canada ticks all the boxes. Between being named both the Lonely Planet’s and the New York Times’ top travel destination for 2017, this ever welcoming country is having a moment on par with the country’s 150th birthday. Experts recommend travelling to destinations where the dollar continues to be strong, so if the amazing people and the great outdoors don’t do it for you, ponder over the savings.

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The Emerald Isle would not only benefit you with fascinating scenery, friendly people but also the low-cost flights. A quick google search would show that the island will be especially of interest, as it is a previously unexplored travel destination in Europe that is perceived as safe.



Chile owns South American travel for the year. Slowly, orderly, the continent’s most unnoticed wonderland has become conceivably its most attractive adventure tourism destination, precisely the gong it gathered up at last year’s travel reviews. This stunning country is packed with ecosystems, biodiversity and beautiful topographies. It has 36 national parks, some of the most utmost environments on the Earth, from deserts to fjords to sub-polar islands, and the roads and footpaths and requisite infrastructure to make these reachable.



Thriving back from earthquakes and a fuel strike that made getting round the country tough, Nepal remains a phenomenal pick and one of the best budget travel destinations for pocket friendly tourists who can access the best of its world-famous trekking trails and undervalues fauna for well south of ₹2000 per day.

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Porto, Portugal


Here’s a European metropolis that still manages to fly under the radar. It scarcely seems credible, given Porto’s remarkable setting on the Rio Douro and superb, affordable eateries and lodging, not to mention, the fleet of budget airlines from around the world that make getting here finer value than ever. Portugal’s second city has a grip of inexpensive museums, economic vintage trams to charm the transport nerd in your party and a pebbly beach an hour’s walk down the riverbank.



Though we put it at the bottom, but this country should actually be topping your bucket list. The warmth of Icelanders is disarming, the outdoors are wooing for nature lovers in this breathtakingly stunning northern destination. It’s the power of Icelandic nature to turn the prosaic into the extraordinary. And while you’re visiting Iceland, visit Faroe Islands as well, a cluster of some geyser gushed, mud-pots gloop, ice-covered volcano islands. Visiting here through a direct flight isn’t actually recommended, instead take stopover flights in a Scandinavian country but make sure you make the most of it with these stopover flight tips.

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