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Travel Ideas for Senior Couples

You are never too old to travel and travel can bring a change to your life when you are old and retired. This is the time when you are almost done with all your major responsibilities and you have nothing much to worry about. Traveling in old age is not new, most couples travel to pilgrimage to establish a connection with the Almighty. However, it is more important to establish a connection with yourself first which has long been lost. Travel gives you a chance to find yourself once again. Plan a trip with your partner to some fascinating city, let the cool breeze fill you with a new energy and see the world with a new perspective. This is an opportunity for you to create a happier, crazier and healthier version of yourself. And be ready to be surprised by your partner because you will surely discover things about them which remained hidden otherwise.

5 Reasons You Need to Travel

  1. Relaxation

You have worried enough, you have stressed enough, you have lived for others enough, it’s time to sit back and relax. Take a trip with your friends or partner to some laid back place. Relax on the sea-side, soak yourself in the sun, have scrumptious sea-food and enjoy the mesmerizing sunset. Your body needs more rest and relaxation at this age and travel can be a good stress-booster for the two of you.


2. Re-energize

A trip to some relaxing place can be rejuvenating and re-energizing for you at this age. Forget the world of your everyday life and submit yourself to travel. Meet people, greet people, make friends and you will feel younger, healthier and better. Breathe the fresh air, behold the crystal clear waters, admire the world around you and you will feel full of new energy.


3. Joys of Togetherness

When was the last time that you got to spend some time with your partner? With worries of children, relatives and grandchildren, you almost forgot that it all started with your spouse. Plan a trip with your better half and your entire life will get better. You are never too old to be romantic and cozy. spend some alone time with your partner, know how they feel about life and share your thoughts too. It can be a good chance for you too to strengthen the bond once again.


4. Explore the World

This is an obvious reason to travel but it is not just about exploring the world, it is about seeing life from a whole new perspective. There are places you won’t believe exist, there are dishes that can taste more delicious than you expect and there are people who make this world worthwhile. You do not get to know all that in the quiet corner of your home, you have to step out in the open to know how high the sky is. After you are done with all your responsibilities, it is time for you to pamper yourself and do thing you never could.


5. Feel Young

Think of the most beautiful phase of your life and you will remember either your childhood or adulthood when life felt lively and vibrant. The fact is life is till the same only you have changed, you have stopped doing things you loved, you have stopped playing pranks, you have stopped making jokes, you have stopped being naughty! When you travel to starnge places where none knows you, you can act silly, mischievous and crazy. Forget that you have aged and feel like a free kid, you will fall in love with yourself once again.


3 Types of Places to Travel

  1. Beaches

Beaches are the best place for old couples as the pleasant surroundings offer calm and beauty. Away from the noise and crowd, you will get plenty of time to relax with your partner. Just take a walk, or indulge in some mild water activities or sit by the sea-side. Whether you love to spend some quiet time or an active trip, beaches can never disappoint you.


2. Beautiful Cities

Italy is one place which has got some of the most romantic cities. Cities like Venice, Rome, Prague will definitely leave you in awe with their jaw dropping beauty, rich cultural history, artistic architecture and friendly folks. You can go for sightseeing, enjoy local delicacies or just behold the charm that the city holds.


3. Valleys

With lush green surroundings and blooming, colorful flowers valleys are the perfect places to visit when you are old. Just observe the beauty of nature, take a stroll and allow the nature to shower her love on you. Valleys like Jiuzhaigou Valley (China), Napa Valley (California), Flower Valley etc are the best in the world to visit.


3 Best Countries to Visit

  1. Spain

Spain is a combination of unique natural beauty and cultural attractions. The warm climate and civilized lifestyle give it particular appeal for older travelers. The beautiful beaches of Spain will offer you great place to relax. With friendly people and good transportation, travel within Spain becomes easier and more comfortable.


2. Italy

Italy is associated with the ancient and the beautiful. One of the most romantic countries in the world, Italy can rejuvenate our soul. Just go with the flow and enjoy your trip to the most exotic country.



3. Portugal

Portugal is preferred for its good golfing, traditional festivals and colourful architecture, serenity and pace of life. Best part is that all the places are within easy travelling distance.


3 Activities to Try

  1. Cruising

Try delightfully lazy cruises down some of Europe’s most famous rivers are best for exploring charming little towns that dot the river’s banks. Europe’s Viking River Cruises and UniWorld Cruises are best to admire historic cities like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.


2. Golfing

If you love theater then Branson with its more than 50 theaters will entertain you the best. You can also play golf in the various world-class golf courses around the area. The best of them are Branson Creek Course at the Branson Creek Golf Club.


3. Fishing

Fishing is a good leisure activity to enjoy while traveling to Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. There are numerous other places in the world which offer good spots for fishing. Enjoy your quiet time while fishing on a relaxing day with your partner.


Are you feeling a strong urge to pack your bags and head to some amazing place, are you feeling excited to try these activities out, are you already thinking of a destination to visit? Well then my dear you are stung by wanderlust! Plan your trip now and get ready to experience the joys of travel.

Priya Pareek

Priya Pareek

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