A Walk In Paradise! Magical Tree Tunnels Across The World

This is about the world’s most stunning, romantic and wonderful tunnels manufactured from stunning flowering trees, a stroll through these fascinating tree lined avenues with sunshine spilling through their branches is anything but magical. Take a look at some of these!

Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany

tree tunnel

tunnel cherry blossom, source://narcity

Cherry Blossom tunnel dwells within the German city of Bonn. It’s a peaceful street garlanded with a series of gorgeous trees of cherry blossoms drooping over gorgeously. Spring comes alive once the blossoms fully bloom overhead.

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Two such roads in the urban center has cherry trees planted all around; however, the one single street to watch out for is Heerstrabe. Cherry blossoms lasts for seven to ten days, more or less depending on atmospheric conditions.

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Wisteria Tunnel, Japan


wisteria tunnel, source://twitter

This gorgeous flower walk is called the vine tunnel. One of the most unreal tree tunnels that exists on planet earth, this one beautifully dwells within the Kawachi Fuji Garden, a private garden in the wooden hills of Kitakyushu, 5 hours drive from Tokyo. It’s very appearance is so blissful and soul soothing, it’s like a page torn out from a Disney fairy tale.

The gardens proudly houses over 150 wisteria flowering plants with a variety of species covered beautifully in its nest making it all the more colorful and incredible looking.

Jacarandas Walk, South Africa


jacarandas tunnel, source://huffpost

Over ten million trees keep South Africa’s largest town unsullied. Consistent with many unofficial sources, Johannesburg is home to the world’s largest semisynthetic forest. October is the month when the flowers of thousands of caviuna wood trees are in full bloom.

This spectacular tree tunnel is found in Johannesburg along with bougainvillea trees that adds magical pink and purple shades.

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Interestingly, these jacarandas are not indigenous to South africa, and were originally imported from Brazil or Argentina. With over 40,000 trees of the same in Pretoria itself, we can hope that they can survive for many more years to come keeping these cities of South Africa glorious as ever!

Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan


gingko tunnel, source://dailymail

Ginkgo tree Tunnel is like a roof conjured of gymnospermous trees that celebrates autumn in its full glory. If you visit Japan, you’ll spot over sixty five thousand gymnospermous trees growing on the streets, gardens or parks.

The best places to check out these golden tree tunnels are at Meiji Gingu Gaien (146 trees), Showa Kinen Park (106 trees) and Gingko Avenue (760 trees) where the tunnel stretches over more than 4 kilometres. The Japanese folks believe these trees to be the ‘bearer of hope’ or ‘the survivor’ or ‘the living fossil’.

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Bamboo Grove, Japan


Source: Life KH

In Arashiyama, Japan, there’s a bamboo forest known as Sagano. The five hundred metre long well litted path runs through the lovely bamboo forest. Tall bamboo trees surround the road spectacularly keeping this part of this world supercool and fresh.

Walking through this grove seems like entering another world altogether and if you take pictures here, you will be disappointed. Photos simply can’t capture the magic of this surreal place; and when the wind blows here, an imposing sound fills the air. It’s already been voted together as one of the hundred must-preserve sounds of Japan.

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Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine


tunnel of love, source;//livingnomads

This tunnel of love and affection is indeed a distinctive and really superb nest of green in Ukraine. Once marked as simply another train rail section, eventually evolved as one of the most romantic spots on earth. As trees were left to grow freely round the rails, the passing train curved out this beautiful heavenly alley.

Eventually, by crossing the Kleven village forest back and forth thrice daily, the train formed a closed tunnel per it’s size resulting into this striking tunnel of love.

Yew Tunnel, United Kingdom

tree tunnel

yew tunnel, source://bighugelabs

The Yew Tunnel is believed to have been planted by the Dyer family during the eighteenth century. This gorgeous blend of thick tree trunks has been predicted to live for centuries if looked after carefully.

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Their trunks have unfold and their branches have amalgamated in such a way that it’s exhausting to count the number of separate trees that fuse together to form this magnificent extended arch. A must visit if you are in UK.

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The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

tree tunnel

dark hedges, source://pixdaus

This place looks and feels quite out of the world. The Dark Hedges is one among the foremost photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland and a must visit spot for tourists from across the planet.

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If you must know, the mysterious looking hedges have been used as a Game of Thrones location in Season 2 featuring as the King’s Road! Also, a fervent spot for wedding pictures, artists and tourists alike can’t help but be in awe of them.

Green Tree Tunnel, Brazil

tree tunnel

Rua_Gonçalo_de_Carvalho, source://commonswikimedia

Dubbed as the most beautiful street in the world, Rua Gonçalo De Carvalho is a beautiful natural tree tunnel located in Porto ALegre, the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Over one hundred Tipuana or Rosewood trees shade the road over a stretch of three town blocks.

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In 2006, after a campaign on the Internet to preserve the street’s natural state, it became famous as the country’s historical, cultural, ecological and environmental heritage. Some of these trees rise as high as the seventh floor of the buildings making it quite a sight to behold.

Kauai Tree Tunnel, Hawaiian Islands

tree tunnels

kauai tree tunnel, source://fineart

In an island chain as stunning as Hawaii, it is hard not to imagine roads that doesn’t hug oceanside cliffs or streets covered with beautiful tree tunnels. Hawaii’s tunnel of Eucalyptus trees in Maluhia road is probably one of the best scenic drives in the state.

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One story suggests that the original 500 trees were planted in 1911, as a gift to the community from a local pineapple baron who had to himself a bunch of leftover trees from a landscape project. There are other stories too, however, the result is an incredible verdant green corridor in southern Kuaui near Koloa.

“Against a clear and deep blue sky,
One tree stretched tall, its branches high,
And stiffly they, of movement none,
Stood true and straight, their course to run.”
-Ernestline Northover

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