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Trip Tap Toe Summer Contest: Capture Your Story In 30 Secs!

Hi all,

So, you must have read our tweet which is why you made it here. Summers have kicked the vacay mode in & I am guessing you must have already enjoyed a weekend trip or are planning one this month! This definitely kicks in the mood for a SUMMER CONTEST.

So, without wasting another moment, let’s begin ! Here’s all you need to know.

Contest Period: 4th June- 13th June

Contest award: Delhi-Mumbai One way economy class ticket for July

This month, we decided to spice things up with a Travel Video Contest! So, here’s what you need to do.

1. Shoot a 30 seconds video of a destination you have recently visited this summer. Upload this video on any of our social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram)  If you are taking a trip this weekend, this is your chance to capture a stunning video of your trip. You can capture anything related to your trip as long as its engaging. (eg: an activity you enjoyed, the hotel property you were at, your on road journey etc.)

2. Make sure, the video is of excellent quality and captures quality content for your audience (your winning chances depend on it).

3. Yes, you heard it right! The winner’s video will be uploaded and shared on Trip Tap Toe’s all social media platforms.

Now, the rules 🙂

1. Retweet/share this post on your wall

2. Tag as many friends as possible.

3. Use #triptaptoein30secs in your post.

4. Follow @Trip Tap Toe so that we know you’re our fan 😉

4 Simple rules and you increase your chances exponentially!

So, all set?

Let the adventure begin!

The winner will be declared on 14th June. Flaunt your videography skills like NEVER before!

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