Beat The Typical Stay: Stay Different In These Unusual Hotels In India

You don’t always have to pay thousands of bucks to stay in a hotel. Sometimes an unconventional accommodation is all what an explorer needs. These accommodations help a backpacker to stay on the move without worrying about the expenditures. So next time, you plan for an excursion be sure to give these accommodations a look.

Here is a list of these unheard unconventional accommodations.

Zostel Accommodations

zostel Accommodations

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If you’re travelling anywhere in India and you don’t want to spend a night in those over the top hotels, this little place is a boon for you. Quality accommodation with perfect amenities, this place is apt for any traveller out there. With hundreds of international travellers choosing Zostel, it is also the largest branded hostel chain in all of India and Nepal.

Quick info: Prices may vary from place to place. Delhi- 1,500-2,500 INR

Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company Homestays, Ladakh

ladakhi homestays

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This is perhaps the most important section of the article because we all have planned to travel to Ladakh in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, we fall short of funds to stay the night. Well, not anymore. This first women owned and operated home-stay in Ladakh allows any kind of travelller to feel at home.

The best part, it organised amazing treks (easy to moderate to difficult) around the region including snow leopard trek based in Rumbak and other full packages for females and mixed groups as well. Do check this one out!

Book An Offbeat Ladakh Adventure 12 Nights

Tantra Beach Shacks and Huts, Goa


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Ever cancelled a Goa trip? We know you have and we know the reason why. Don’t worry about the reserve anymore. Tantra Beach Shacks and Huts is a rare gem that provides you with coolest accommodations in all of Goa, with half of the price.  Nature, cold ocean breeze, cozy huts, perfect sunsets, beach dinners and intriguing tantric décor is how Tantra Beach Shacks and Huts charms you.

Book a hotel in Goa.

It is the perfect budget spot right at the centre of all parties and minutes away from the Anjuna flea market. Book a tree house for uninterrupted sea views and amazing sunrises after a happening night.

Boathouses, Kerala


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Let’s travel to the south of India. These kinds of accommodations are pretty expensive but don’t take anything away from the experience you’re going to have. The moment you’re going to step out of that boathouse, you’re going to realize the imperial experience you’ve just had. This is truly a go for broke experience.

Absolute Kerala Vacation 9 Nights

Average Cost for one night: 6,500 INR

Guhantara Cave Resort, Bengaluru

Guhantara Cave resort http://www.guhantara.com/

Guhantara Cave Resort is first of its kind in India. Equipped with restaurant, swimming pool, waterfall, spas and adventure sports, this is the place to be for any traveler. Guhantara Cave Resort somehow manages to evade all the commotions of the city and gives you the feel that you are inside a cave but with state of the art amenities.


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Be sure to consider this wonderland in your list when in Bengaluru. Perfect for family day outs and corporates as well.

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Cost for the night: 8,500 INR

Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

Tree house hideaway

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These wooden houses are actually better than tents or hostel rooms.  These woody establishments are nestled 3km from the Bandhavgarh National Park and 27km from Bhandhavgarh Fort in Madhya Pradesh.

Despite being labelled as tree hideaways, these little mansions offer amenities like expansive dining room with a fireplace, a terrace with BBQs, a library and an outdoor pool, a spa and massage services. There is also exciting wildlife tours to keep you busy all day.

Jilling Sanctuary: A Remote Escape Into The Himalayas

Cost per night: 12,000-13,000 INR

Maharaja Express

Maharaja express

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This is perhaps the most unique accommodation offered in India. Maharaja Express will make you forget the luxury of air travelling. It promises to provide a royal journey to the guests with a royal welcome. Although, this is one expensive ride but that doesn’t take away the quality it delivers to its passengers.

Know more about the Maharaja Express: World’s Leading Luxury Train

Cost: Depends upon the package. Rates can range up to 2,00,000-16,00,000 INR

Shanthi Guesthouse, Hampi

shanthi homestays

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Shanthi Guesthouse is an ancient structure offering stays with ancient décor. Just like the name, this guesthouse is perfect for some alone time away from all the hustles in the quiet village of Hampi in Karnataka. Thatched cottages, small patios with hammocks amidst dense greenery and some authentic Nepalese cuisines are just perfect for some solitary time for any traveller.

Also known as the lost ancient town of India, Hampi is one of the topmost Indian places filled with heritage sites that will keep a traveller engaged and intrigued any time of the day.

Cost per night: 800-1,200 INR

International Traveller’s Hostel and Bistro Varanasi


International travellers’ hostel

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Varanasi is the one of the oldest city in the world and that’s one of the reasons why hundreds of travellers arrive here each year. If you are planning to visit this ancient state of the world, this modern backpacker’s stay would be one of the best places to stay and experience everything that the city has to give. From basic tents to luxurious rooms, this place fulfills every traveller’s needs where you can have a great time knowing like minded travellers with the feel of a homestay in the quiet neighbourhood.

A Definition of Holiness and Spirituality: Varanasi Unveiled

Cost per night: 400-600 INR

Shaam-E-Sarhad Village Resort, Hodka

shaam e sarhad

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Ever wanted to live like a ‘Banjara’? This place lets you experience the village-life quite literally. 12 kms from national highway 341, located in Hodka Village, Kutch, Gujarat, this village resort offers eco friendly accommodations with decent amenities to the guests. There are 3 types of accommodations offered that include Bhungas, Eco Friendly tents and Family Cottages. Vegetarian meals are offered for breakfast, lunch and as well as for dinner. Shaam-E-Sarhad Village Resort provides urban services hidden amidst rural locations.

Cost per night: 3,500-5,000 INR

So, next time you plan to visit any of these places, be sure to consider these alternatives rather than those boring unadventurous hotels.

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