Escape The Boredom By Attending These Upcoming Festivals This April-May

Adding spice to your otherwise monotonous life, festivals and events give you reasons to celebrate and spend some quality time with your life. Portraying an amalgamation of amusement, culture, history, dance, music and the special tinge of the festivals, they leave you enraptured. Draped in bright colors, livelihood, enthusiasm and enjoyment, these events will surely let you unfurl your real, adventurous face in the coming months.

Escape the scorching temperature and attend these crazy amazing festivals that are to be held in April and May, 2017.

National Cheese Festival, Spain


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Location: 6 Trujillo, Spain

Date: 28th April to 1st May 2017

Flee to the National Cheese Festival of Spain to tickle your taste buds with soft, creamy, fresh dripping cheese ranging from chili, cottage, dutch, English to local and Mexican cheese. A mélange of appetizing cheese is offered here, served best with music and a glass of wine. Also known as “La Feria del Queso”, the festival witnesses an attendance of around 10,000 visitors annually.

Retaining the position of being the fourth largest consumer of cheese, makes Spain apt for hosting this yummilicious festival. There are 3 main regional cheese denominations: Torta del Casar, Torta La Serena and Los Ibores. A guest nation is invited every year to showcase their local cheese and its delectable cuisines. Try rarest and rarest types of cheese and experience gastronomical delights at the National Cheese Festival.

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Mt. Abu Summer Festival


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Date- 9 May 2017 to 10 May 2017

Location- Mt Abu, Rajasthan

Be it the bright hues of their costumes or the picturesque backdrop, Mt. Abu Summer Festival never fails to leave an impression. The fest puts on display the traditional music and culture of Rajasthan and imparts information about this beautiful and astonishing state. It celebrates the vivaciousness and cheerfulness that the royal place surrounds.

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Held during the auspicious occasion of Buddha Poornima, the event commences with folk ballads and cultural ethnic dances. This is succeeded by boat races on Nakki Lake and roller skating races. Other exciting performances include CRPF Band Show, Boat Race, Horse Race and Tug of War.

To mark the Grand Finale, a sparkling firework is displayed. But the highlight of the event remains ‘the Sham-e-Qawwali’ to mesmerize your ears with soulful Qawwalis. Feeling the zest already? Head straight to this picturesque location this May.

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Korean Lantern Festival, South Korea



Date: 28- 30 April 2017

Location: Seoul

Brightly colored lanterns set forth across the streets, the chirping enthusiasm of everyone and a spectacular view of liveliness and zest detangles as you visit beautiful Seoul.

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Celebrating the Buddha turning a year older, the lanterns are a representation of light and affection. Commencing with lighting the giant Jangeumdang, the gala has lined up vigorous activities at your disposal. Host monks shake a leg or two in bright robes withhundreds of booths set up for visitor’s entertainment and recreation. The event hits the climax with the Daedong Celebration, an amalgamation of singing and dancing under the shower of pink lotus petals.

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Wiasak (Vesak) Day , Indonesia



Date: 11 May 2017

Location: Indonesia

It seems May is all about Buddha. Celebrating the birth, death and the enlightenment of Buddha, Vesak Day is noted with compassion and love. Huge gatherings are witnessed and unions commemorate Buddhist teachings at various temples as it hits dawn. This is succeeded by elevating the Buddhist flag and devotees placing offerings to the Buddha statues. The jubilee usually is held at the 9th century A.D Borobudur temple.

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An air of serenity and peace wraps you as the Monks dressed in saffron robes intonate holy chants as they light up the candles. The scenario gets even more marvellous when the moon overlooks the place. This is followed by the Pradaksina ritual where pilgrims circle the temple three times. It comes to an end with the release of thousands of Puja Lanterns into the sky.

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Processione dei Serpari (Festival of the Snakes)



Location: Cocullo, Italy
Date: first Thursday in May

A paradise for snake fanatics that is rare to come across, Italy does what is unique. The fest is arranged in the remembrance of San Domenico Abate, who lived in the era of the tenth and eleventh century. Legend has it that he possessed healing powers, typically over snakebites.

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A peculiar best is chosen to pay homage to San Domenico, by draping the reptiles around his statue. A large number of snakes are captured in the proceeding weeks and their fangs are removed. The statue is taken for an excursion along the streets of Cocullo accompanied by the town clergy and a group of girls clad in special costumes. The fest concludes with the release of snakes in the surrounding fields.

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Frieze New York



Location: Randall’s Island Park
Date: May 5 – 7, 2017

Ticket price starts at $10

A dream for cultural and art junkies, the Frieze New York fest allows you to set yourself free and splurge on art pieces that you have never encountered before.

At exhibition, are world’s leading contemporary and modern galleries showcasing the craft of more than 1000 artists. Around 200 galleries will be employed for visitors that will enclose people from all over the world. Appease your aesthetic psyche as you pay a visit here.

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Head straight to these fests and events and wonder in awe as you get completely drenched in the enthusiasm of these amazing festivals.

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