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Great News! Your dreams to fly to Australia have become much more real now. With more than 65,000 visitors to Australia in the first four months of 2017, the Australian government has decided to acknowledge the huge demand for Australian visas by Indian nationals and has taken the application process online starting from July 1st this year.

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Australia has become a hot destination for holidays and has been witnessing major tourist footfall over the recent years and with this step, the numbers will most likely amplify. The online visa application process for Indian nationals will benefit mostly tourists and travellers seeking to visit Australia and those who wish to meet their family and friends. Applicants can now have 24/7 accessibility, make electronic payment for visa application charges and check the status of their applications. This would help travellers organize their travel plans and itinerary accordingly.

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Major Attractions In Australia



Australia is a traveller’s heaven that flaunts epic beaches with spectacular coastlines; must visits are the Twelve Apostles, the Great Ocean Drive and hidden coves of Western Australia. Even the city side beaches are breathtaking. Their variety is what makes them all the more appealing. Not, all states can boast of that.

Other not to miss attractions if you are in Australia are the Kangaroo island, the bright red hued Australian Outback with white sand dunes, verdant tropical forests with steamy hot springs and tropical waterfalls and lush green islands, surfing on the stunning coast of New South Wales, the Sydney Harbour and the massive Uluru in the arid Red centre.

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