Most Gorgeous Wine Destinations Across The World For Oenophiles

“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Be it red, white or pink- sipping on a savory wine, that harmonizes with your meal lends an exotic kick. It should go without saying that, there is nothing better than a holiday which revolves solely around eating delicious food, with a glass of  wine by your side. The following destinations are suitable for wine snobs who want to expand their horizon and to learn all about it;. Grab a glass and get started !

British Columbia

Where: Canada


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British Columbia is a major wine destination that pairs award-winning wines with spectacular scenery. There are more than 200 wineries in BC. From the family-run vineyards on pristine Vancouver Island to magnificent estate wineries; they are set amongst sparkling lakes and golden deserts in the Okanagan Valley. The wineries here have hotels, restaurants, bistros and lovely picnic spots.

The wine festivals of British Columbia or a winery tour itself with activities is a real treat to wine lovers. A 40 winery restaurants in British Columbia provide you the ultimate wine and food pairing experience. Besides, you have lots of other stuff that make up for a perfect vacation. You can swim or play golf in the Okanagan, or go biking on the Gulf Islands.

Napa valley

Where: California


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After an hour’s drive north of San Francisco, you enter the connoisseur’s paradise- Napa Valley. No wonder Napa Valley reigns as the world’s best wine producer. With grand estates, expansive tasting rooms, quaint towns, and elegant lodgings, many of which edge up to the celebrated Silverado Trail, Napa Valley is just ideal for a laid back weekend trip. With more than 400 wineries, Napa Valley’s signature Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay invite wine fans from across the globe.



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Summer warms up with events and festivals, and if you didn’t know, you can feast at any one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants here, shop at many of the upscale boutiques at St. Helena street,  stroll by in the nearby quieter towns, and relax enjoying farm-to-table menus, and of course exquisite Napa Valley wines. Time to snag a reservation!

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The best way to explore the surrounding valley is by biking, hiking, walking or simply get on a segway and glide through the valley. Portions of the 47 mile Valley Vine trail are paved beautifully for cyclists, just grab one from a hotel or tourist outfitter.


Where: France


Source: france today

Wine history of this French region has its origins in ancient times. Spread over a little area blessed by the gods and producing barely 0.5% of the world’s wine output, Burgundy is as unpretentious as it is famous. The vineyards of Burgundy stretch out from north to south, the source of some of the most prestigious wines in the world- include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gamay! Don’t miss, for instance, the rediscovered Merlot, whose plush texture and earthy cherry flavor will blow away your mind.


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Burgundy’s vineyards were given Unesco World Heritage status in acknowledgement of the region’s centuries-old history of viticulture, blended with its noticable diversity of its wine growing terrain. It is a gorgeous part of France that flaunts rolling lush green hills marked with medieval villages and mustard fields. Glide along the Yonne’s waterways on a canal boat, go hiking or if you are in a fancier mood, pick a hot air balloon ride to soar high and soak in some expansive aerial views.


where: Italy


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Welcome to probably one of the gorgeous wine destinations. With hillside vineyards and abundant sunshine; Tuscany is exactly what a wine destination should look like. Whether you prefer white, red or rose; there is always a wine that goes with every culinary menu and disappointment is rare here. You can drive to this winery destination passing through gentle hills, centuries old cypress trees, olive groves and blue skies- the landscapes that inspired Da Vinci. Wine tours here are an immersive experience- set in Michelin-starred restaurants, or within luxurious resorts.

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Do visit Florence, Tuscany’s capital, to explore stunning masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, for which you’ll at least need a half a day to explore. Tuscany has a lot to offer and enchant a traveller’s soul. You will need more than a just a single trip to do so.

Mendoza Province

Where: Argentina

Mendoza, with the mighty Andes as a backdrop, is one of the greatest wine regions of the world with high altitude vineyards. With more than 1,500 wineries spread out in 1,000 acres of vineyards, Argentina’s ubiquitous mouthwatering ‘Malbecs‘ brims with rich, dark juicy fruit, luring you in with their velvety texture and robust tannins.

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Enjoy a multi-course winery lunch and sip on as many glasses as your heart desires. Also, adventure seekers can go for white river rafting, skiing, trekking and kayaking all year round. Plan a vacation during spring  if possible, as Venda, the most famous wine festival that marks the harvest season in March, is held during this time of the year.

Cape Winelands

Where: South Africa

The Cape Winelands in South Africa are home to some of the most prestigious and talked about wineries on the planet. There are amazing plush accommodation options in the country to gaze over vineyards while you drink your morning coffee. The nearby wine towns have cozy home cafés and shops, that sell everything from local cheese and wines to sundry items.

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Somerset, Paarl (hot air balloon rides), Franschhoek (wine tasting by bicycle and horse rides, village market, chocolate tasting ) should be on your places to visit list. There are quite an overwhelming number of wineries in the Cape Winelands, choose the one that don’t only offer good wine, but majestic views of the surrounding wine hills and mountains.

Barossa valley

Where: Australia 


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Internationally renowned for it’s bold Shiraz, there is plenty on offer at Barossa valley. One of the most gorgeous wine destinations, the unique warm climate and red clay soils create some of the best examples of these varietals in the world. With a fantastic range of world class Barossa shiraz to sample, find a tour that suits your taste and budget. With over 150 wineries – Barossa loves to celebrate – with food and wine festivals, live music, markets, art exhibitions, long lunches, international sporting events, masterclasses and more.

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‘The Grant Burge’ cellar door has exquisite views over the Barossa Valley, spend the afternoon unwinding on the lawn with one of their highly regarded platters.

La Rioja

Where: Spain

La Rioja is a land of beautiful medieval villages, dozens of centuries-old family-run wineries, amazing modern architecture and beautiful scenery. It is a unique blend of history and modernity. Bodegas Baigorri is not to be missed for its astounding architecture. The floor to ceiling windows in the restaurant allow you to have a beautiful view of the vineyards, while you enjoy your lunch and tasting all the wines.

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Festivals, food and sport are the three primary passions of the Spaniards and you will get to see a lot of it out here. With an abundance of great choices, there are a bunch of wine tours that hop between wineries and also serves wine lunches. Discover the vineyards in a different way in a hot air balloon as you soar through -wheat fields, trees, towns, small mountains- admiring the wonderful landscapes.

Douro Valley

Where: Portugal 


Source: pixabay

One of the most important components in an elegant wine is the region’s terroir. This northern Portugal’s region is best for both wines and stunning scenic landscape. It is mesmerising to see the steep-terraced vineyards rise above the majestic Douro River’s ribbon of water far below. Douro is also a fine destination for the thirsty but thrifty. Stop along the way at any quinta, and make sure to taste the Douro table wines as well as the Ports with views over the river. The air here is filled with the scent of harvested vineyards and fermenting grapes that will make any wine lover go weak on his knees.

Even in winters, you simply can’t deny the dark beauty of the endless rows of terraced grape vines. In winters, the gorgeous olive harvest is usually underway and the whole valley seems to welcome Christmas and New Year, with some hotels and quintas that organizes their own special shows.

Central  Otago

where: New Zealand


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One of New Zealand’s most scenic wine regions, Central Otago produces some of the best Pinot Noir in the world. Vineyards in Central Otago are truly spectacular with mountains that beautifully interlace with lakes & deep river gorges. Central Otago’s wine experience is unique for it’s high quality-produce and drool-worthy cuisine. Walking Wine Trail here is a good way to experience four of Central Otago’s premium wine-tasting rooms.

Besides this, visit Queens town to enjoy adventure sports, witness the stunnig Wanaka lake and maybe just grab a bike and go hiking in any one of the New Zealand’s best trails- Otago Central Rail Trail, Roxburgh Gorge Trail and the Clutha Gold Trail. The entire Central Otago region is criss-crossed with shorter cycling and mountain biking trails for the adventurous and the leisure cyclist and there are lengths to suit any time you may have at spare.

So, what’s holding you back? Have a one of kind vacation with your bae this time and get ready to have a memorable sojourn.

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